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Department Of Education South Africa

Ivan Said:

Why is there still no response from the UN to the open letter from 141 leading scientists?

We Answered:

Because they have no interest in the truth as it does not fit their agenda!

Alex Said:

Dubai visa info required?

We Answered:

The process flow is as following, i know because i was in dubai for a long time.

1. your husband should be having minimum income per month based on the criteria dubai government has set to sponsor the spouse. (4 years back it was 4000 dhs per month),

2. Then he needs to complete the application form which is easily available at form typing agents.

3. With completed application he needs to go to ministry of naturalization and residency, and he has to attest your marriage certificate.

4. They will check docs like source of income, your marriage certificate and then they will issue a temporary resident visa which will be confirmed after your entry and medical procedures will be completed there.

Holly Said:

Dating with afrikaans girls, and engaging afrikaans people?

We Answered:

I dunno hey, I'm Afrikaans and my parents, and ALL my friends and their parents, never ever minded us dating Portuguese guys! We were all in love with a group of them in high school and there was never even as much as a racial word about it. Our parents were also not particularly open minded. I've just never heard of such a thing as what you are describing. I literally grew up amongst Portuguese guys and have never even thought of racism toward them, heard of it, seen it.

This is really strange. Are you quite sure that, because that girl's parents were obviously intellectually challenged, you have created the mental conviction that afrikaans people are racist toward Portuguese, period? This is very possible, and in this case, you will easily be able to imagine seeing it everywhere (like in a the guy at the interview who was possibly only rude because you were competition and in every relationship between protuguese and afrikaans that doesn't work out).

Andy Said:

Dubai Visa information required for Spouse Residence Visa?

We Answered:

Please relax. It's easy as long as you have all your docs in order. You'll (respective your husband/sponsor) need:

Prepaid application form from typing office
2 photographs
Original entry permit (visa you entered the country)
Original passport
Original copy of valid medical certificate
Copy of your husband's employment contract or salary certificate, provided that his salary shall not be less than AED 10K or AED 8K +accommodation.
Copy your husband's valid residence permit.
Attested marriage certificate
NoC of your husband's company

It looks like a lot, but your husband have the most already or will receive it from his employer. Your educational degree need to be attested only when employment is planned. A letter/permission of your husband is required only if you want to apply for driver's license or take a job:)). For my knowledge only Canadians have to get certification of their current driver's license. IF it should be the same for South Africans, your Embassy will provide you with this piece of paper AFTER you received your residence visa.

No online application for residence visa. Your husband can apply for your residence visa as soon as he received his (his will be taking care of the company's PRO and his visa also will cost much more than yours). The costs for your residence visa (only residence) will be:
around AED 20 for each translation at the typing office
around AED 200 for each application
residence visa = AED 300 (AED 100 for each year)
medical = around AED 300 - AED 500 depending where you go.

The start of your residence visa will depend on which visa you will enter the UAE for the first time and if you plan to leave the country or change your 1st. visa into a residence visa by paying a fee of AED 500.

Summit: have you marriage certificate (and if wanted also your degree) attested by MoF and the UAE Embassy in South Africa. Have a bunch of passport photos and passport copies on hand and let your hubby/his company do the rest.

And if you think you're done you have to start working on your National ID:)) (different story/subject)

Any more headache? Hopefully not:)) In case you have any more questions please do not hesitate to email me.

Take care.

Heather Said:

How does the education system in America work?

We Answered:

in America our school system is shite compared to schools like yours. our schools they keep it as general as possible we have 12 grades too but it covers everything. If you want to go into a career or specify you have to make sure the credits you get correlate to graduating or you're gonna be staying there till you're 19. If you want to specify in biology and be recognized for it college is a must. and we don't cover technology in grades before 9th haha well i didn't at least but i am in california our school system is at the bottom of the barrel : / We cover biology health english math chemistry(this is highschool) and we have additional classes like physics psychology physiology and a mandatory 2 years of physical education.

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