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Dental Hygienist Education

Antonio Said:

Should i be a dental hygienist or go into early childhood education?

We Answered:

It's typically recommended to go with your passion in life and try to make a living around that. They say 'if you love what you do, you'll never have to work a day in your life'.

I'm not sure that there are too many jobs for teachers that are more limited to early childhood (usually one to five years of age) and please consider volunteering and/or getting a part-time job as a teacher assistant before pursuing that type of degree. I'd worked as a teacher assistant and my co-worker had said that she'd wished that she had gotten a job before going to school to get a better feel for the various issues that teachers must deal with including handling disruptive classroom behaviors.

I have heard that the curriculum for DH is supposed to be very rigorous and intense and needing to be strong in the sciences including biology, chemistry and anatomy & physiology (and may need a certain A&P class or other specific courses so please check with admissions before taking prerequisites).

For accredited DH programs: and can click 'careers in dentistry' or such.

For general career info: and can search.

Lori Said:

What would be considered a high level of education for a Dental Hygienist?

We Answered:

You can earn a BSc or even MSc if you want to. I know hygienists that have PhD degree also.

Shelly Said:

What steps and education is need to become a dental hygienist?

We Answered:

College degree and then hygiene program.......

Check w/ individual program to see what subjects you definitely will have to take as pre-requisites.

Micheal Said:

What type of education is needed to become a dental hygienist?

We Answered:

You can go to a community college and take a 2 year course and get an associates degree in hygiene. Some universities offer a 4 year bachelors degree in hygiene. This would allow you to teach, should you ever wish to do so. The starting pay upon graduation would be about the same either way. And yes you can go into dental school with a BA or BS degree needed to apply. Good luck.

Ricardo Said:

Dental Hygienist Education question.?

We Answered:

you HAVE to go to a technical college... the course is 15 months... nothing online.... I don't know if your college give that course...

Marcia Said:

Can I be a dental hygienist if I am majoring in Education?

We Answered:

No. However you can become a dental hygienist by going to dental hygiene school for 2 years. And since you have an education degree, you will open up more possibilities by being able to teach children on how to care for their teeth.

Randall Said:

how many continuing education hours do dental hygienist in Arizona need each year?

We Answered:

Total Hours Required – 54
Minimum of 34 hours in dental and medical health, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, and dental hygiene services, periodontal disease, care of implants, maintenance of cosmetic restorations and sealants, radiology safety and techniques, managing medical emergencies in addition to CPR and new concepts in dental hygiene.
No More than 14 hours in dental hygiene practice organization and management, patient management skills and methods of health care delivery.
Minimum of 2 hours in one or more of the following areas: chemical dependency, tobacco cessation, ethics, risk management and jurisprudence.
Minimum of 4 hours in infectious disease and infectious disease control.
**Continuing Education Self-Instruction Activities limited to no more than 24 hours**

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UK Assignment Done Help Service said:

I think you should keep it up following that job what you want and initially when are in the age of childhood you also have an aim in their mind what profession wants and then slowly going up to their profession.

Joseph Wilson said:

dental education at its own place but the UK assignment is at its own very prospectus. that depends on what person decides to be on what profession during the time being.

Expert writers said:

I think the majority of schools out there that suggest a Dental Hygienists program are on the connections Degree level. Normally this indicates a 2-year program. They are looking for an important person who possibly will fill in a more than just a hygienist.

college homework help said:

It's regularly prescribed to run with your energy in life and attempt to bring home the bacon around that. They say 'on the off chance that you adore what you do, you'll never need to work a day in your life