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Continuing Medical Education

Ann Said:

Harvard Medical School - Department of Continuing Education?Can you earn a degree of Doctor of Medicine there?

We Answered:

Yes they have the best online nedical school in Canada (USA prohibits online medical schools). What is so great about the online course is that a student can complete it in one year. The student only has to go to an actual class twice during the year to take exams. After graduation an online doctorarate from Harvard Online is as good as going to medical school for eight years. Many doctors in Canada and in Europe are proudly carrying their Harvard Online degree. Barrack Obama if elected president in the US has promised to get the online degree accepted here in order to alleviate a doctor shortage.

Everett Said:

Has anyone taken a continuing education course something like (medical billing and coding, medical office asst?

We Answered:

There's an online guide to choosing a course of study on the website below. Although it's geared toward medical transcirption, the concepts apply for any medical administration-related field.

There are certain questions to ask of your course givers BEFORE you invest. Not affiliated with any school or program, just good free info.

Annie Said:

Who has better jobs and continuing education programs for Medical Officers? Army or Air Force?

We Answered:

As an officer, you will not be on the bench very often. Most of the work will be done by the airmen, staff / tech sgts (and equivalent Army ranks.) You will very mainly be in a desk, along with the higher ranking sergeants and other officers. I've seen a commissioning, and seen that same person come back from Commissioned Officer Training, and not touch a sample until something is very, very wrong. This was, at max, once a month at one of the largest AF hospitals.

If you do crave the large hospital, and the plethora of curious samples which come with it, I would say the Army because of this alone: the Army is bigger, and has more large hospitals for you to be stationed. Of course, the Army has rinky-dink and decent-sized labs, just like the AF, but the AF doesn't have as many large hospitals.

Case in-point, the AF's largest hospital, Wilford Hall, is down-sizing. It's becoming more integrated into the other military hospitals in the military-saturated San Antonio, where all enlisted medical training is soon to be consolidated.

As far as education, that is a big unknown for me, because benefits are different both for the branches, but also enlisted vis-a-vis officer.

Marian Said:

What options are available for me to continue my medical education after being dismissed from medical school?

We Answered:

Well, one has to take exception to your statement that you completed the first two years of medical school successfully, as the Step 1 exam tests your knowledge of the basic sciences.

The USMLE does not place limitations on the number of times you can repeat a Step exam. Many states will not license you if you have failed several repeat attempts. You need to inquire with your state's medical licensing board to see if trying again makes any sense.

I would think how badly you failed would influence your decision. If you missed by a few points, then that's not uncommon. If you really blew it, then you should give serious thought about pursuing another career.

About the only option I can see for you is repeating the two years of Basic Sciences. Whether another US medical school will accept you is an unknown, to me. An offshore school is a good option for you, though. I wouldn't discount that option, as it may be your only one. There are several good offshore schools and it's likely they would accept you.

Casey Said:

continuing education medical coding?

We Answered:

I am not sure what your question is about. If you mean you are already a medical coder, then yes, there is continuing education.
You need the points for your certification (if you are certified). I am not sure how many points you need each year, but you do have to attend coding seminars each year to obtain them.

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