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Colleges In London

Frank Said:

How much does colleges cost in england(london)?

We Answered:

15-25 k per year I believe (roughly). It really depends on where you go. There should be info on the site of whichever uni you're interested, but you have to look for international tuition rates!…
Here's an example. There's lots of uni choices though, it just depends on what you want to do. Plus you need to think about travel insurance, transportation, housing, food, etc. since you won't be able to work.

Marsha Said:

are there any colleges in london where i can learn gcse french, spanish and Italian?

We Answered:

I remembered Geoffrey Chaucer in you cause he knows French, Latin, italian.....

Glenn Said:

Any colleges in London or Cardiff that have dorms?

We Answered:

In the UK they are called "halls of residence", so that may be where you're having difficulty. They never call them "dorms". That's entirely American.

Most universities there have some sort of halls of residence, and for those that don't, there are often independant, private student residence halls nearby. But the unis that I know for sure have halls of residence include:
- University of Cardiff
- University College, London
- King's College, London
- School of Oriental and African Studies, U of London
- Imperial College, London
- Royal Holloway
- Goldsmith's
- Birbeck
- London Business School
- Queen Mary, U of London

For any uni you're interested in, check their website and look for "accommodation" and you should find the info you need.

Marshall Said:

What is Accsess course at community colleges in london about? Who is it for? What takes place there? ?

We Answered:

We don't have community collages they are collages of FE.

Access courses are designed for mature students (aged 19 or over) who want to go to uni but left school before taking A Levels.

They are often linked to a local uni so if you pass the access course you automatically get a place at he linked uni.

They are a combination of subject knowledge, study skills and usually include some English and Maths.

Jon Said:

Any idea about the best colleges in London that have actually achieved good results?

We Answered:

If you don't want to go to an independant or fee paying 6th form, you should consider trying to get accepted into a grammar school. Thats what I'm doing. This website shows you the schools and colleges which have achieved the best a levels in order from best to worst, whether they are independant or state and what area they are in:…
Remember to click on the tab that says A level results above where it says school.

Kelly Said:

Full recognized private colleges in London that accept overseas students?

We Answered:

we don't have private futher education collages in england or private univerisities they're all goverment funded

Chad Said:

Could someone list some good Music colleges in London?

We Answered:……………

United Kingdom

Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music
Birmingham Conservatoire
Canterbury Christ Church College Music Department
Cardiff University, Music Department
City University Music Department
The CTI Centre for Music
Edinburgh University, Faculty of Music
Glasgow University, Music Department
Goldsmiths College (University of London) Music Department
Guildhall School of Music & Drama
Keele University, Department of Music
King's College, London, Department of Music
Kingston University
Kingston University, The Gateway School of Recording & Music Technology
Lancaster University, Department of Music
Leeds University Department of Music
Liverpool Hope University College
London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art
Napier University, Department of Music
Open University, Music Department
Oxford Brooks University, the School of Visual Arts, Music and Publishing
The Queen´s University of Belfast, Music School
Roehampton Institute London, Music
University of Huddersfield, School of Music and Humanities
Royal College of Music, London
Royal Holloway College, University of London, Egham, Music Department
Royal Northern College of Music, Manchester
Royal School of Church Music, Dorking, Surrey
Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama, Glasgow
Salford University Music Department
Stranmillis College, Belfast
Trinity College of Music, London
University of Cambridge,Faculty of Music
University of Birmingham, Department of Music
University of Bristol, Department of Music
University of Cambridge, Faculty of Music
University of Durham , Durham Music Technology and Music Department
University of East Anglia, School of Music
University of Exeter, Department of Music
University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield
University of Huddersfield, Department of Music
University of Liverpool, Department of Music
University of Liverpool , Institute of Popular Music
University of Manchester, Department of Music
University of Newcastle upon Tyne, Department of Music
University of Nottingham, Department of Music
University of Sheffield Department of Music
University of Southampton, Department of Music
University of Surrey, Department of Music
University of Sussex, Music Faculty
University of Ulster, Division of Music
University of Wales (Bangor), Music Department
University of Warwick, The Music Centre
University of York, Department of Music
Welsh College of Music and Drama, Cardiff

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