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Character Education Lesson Plans

Viola Said:

ok so what do you think of this story i wrote so far?

We Answered:

I definitely agree with you, you should redo the beginning. You should get a little more experience before attempting something like a novel. It has a few spelling and grammar mistakes that you should be able to work out. Go ahead and keep on practicing your writing!

Nora Said:

read my commonapp essay?

We Answered:

Hey good start to your essay. Just a few things, it doesnt seperate you from the pack. Your topic isnt compelling. It isnt different that the other guy or kids. The topic is about you and your background, and your friends, but so is everyone elses. What makes you different?

On a side note, I am also applying to colleges, and you should make sure the UChicago Supplemnets are done as well, you need both to apply! And if you doing Early, the deadline is today, so good luck!

Brandy Said:

Where can I find elementary school counseling lesson plans and and guidance units?

We Answered:

My ex-wife did the same thing as you are career-wise. I know for a fact that she got her hands on a 3 ring binder (that must have been 6 inches thick) that was full of objectives & activities for everything you listed, plus alot more. Every other counselor who ever saw it, wanted it. I don't know where she got it, but if you'll email me with your contact info. I'll find out for you and let you know the details

Harry Said:

Are there any tips that may help me out when I write a short story?

We Answered:

well.. of course it all starts off with an idea right? and what i do is when i have an idea i think about it (well duh i guess X3) but seriously - i think about it and develop it some more! say i also have a character.. i'll sit and think, maybe take some notes about it, give her a backstory and quirks, basically create a completely new person. you don't even have to include any of it in your story! it's your character, you should spend time getting to know them, loving them or hating them! and as you get to know them they'll become more developed and believable.

to be honest - there are no "processes" that anyone has to go through. Each author has their own way of creating and telling a story. Im much like you, when i write i just write - whatever comes into my head! i figure out stuff like plot and outlines later.. generally my characters has already figured out what happens i just need to figure out what my character already knows (lol im confusing myself :D)

basically - i develop my story as i write it, when i have an idea i go back and rewrite parts i've already written to make more sense, thus enhancing my own plotline! well - sometimes i have an idea and just write it >.> then yeah.. but also remember that you don't have to write a story in order :) you can jump around and write the ending before the beginning if you want! it doesn't have to be formulaic. nobody will ever know anyway! :)

and i guess what keeps me motivated is my friends.. or well, sometimes i just take a break from everything. i let myself know when i want to start writing again. Sometimes i'll be doing something else and then POOF inspiration.. and i have to write :) so don't worry if you get discouraged for a while, just set it down, leave it alone, and forget about it for a while.. if you truly love to write you'll pick it up again when you're ready :)

Well.. my fingers hurt now XD

I really hope this helps you out a little (and i also hope it makes sense ¬.¬ im not too great with that so yeah :P )

Good luck!!

Holly Said:

Can someone proof read this?

We Answered:

1.) It's a pretty good essay on Westerfeld, yet needs a little tune-up.

2.) The information about Westerfeld's education gets repetitive.
Isn't it possible to limit that to a few lines?

3.) Suggest you break up the "blocks" of information into smaller paragraphs.
They're easier to read.

4.) You don't need to list every book in each series Westerfeld wrote.
A synopsis of the KIND of books they are is more interesting (sorry to 'shout' "...kind..." but Y/A leaves no alternative).

5.) As for genre, I'd say the Uglies series, the book Peep and perhaps a couple more are more sci-fi-ish. I think the Midnighters series is a thriller series with sci-fi overtones.
Fantasy would be, yes, the umbrella for all the books he wrote.. the general genre.
Sci-fi is not the "one genre" for Westereld ...but "fantasy" is.

6.) If the assignment is for an essay, keep in mind... most essays are brief.
Unless you were told a certain wordcount is needed... you can trim this a lot and have a more effective essay. And more fun writing it.

Good job.
Some revising is advised.

Cassandra Said:

is this an ok cv? anything i need to add?

We Answered:

Try not to start sentences with I I I all the time

Try saying things like... Having been involved with the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme, which I am presently working towards my bronze award, I have achieved experiences within helping the local community etc... it gives a less repetitive look and litter picking looks a bit pety whereas its NOT

Try... "my school have predicted me as having A*s.... etc targetted sounds to me a bit negative

I babysit try a new sentence, and again with the start of violin.

Its great to see you making such an effort, and I hope you go far xx

Rachel Said:

jane eyre can anyone answer all these questions ?

We Answered:

You cant be as stupid as you are acting.

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