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Article On Education

Brenda Said:

How to write an opinion article?

We Answered:

Yes you can use facts.

Walter Said:

newspaper article on education/adult life ofshakespeare?

We Answered:

According to this site:

"Today little can be factually supported..."…

Additionally, I found some other sites:………

I hope there is some pertinent information for you. Good luck!

Derrick Said:

need a newspaper article on higher education?

We Answered:

Here's something fairly interesting from the New York Times called "The End Of the University As We Know It." It's about a year old.…

Arnold Said:

i have to write a 5 pg reseach paper on the article The Education of Women by Daniel Defoe.?

We Answered:

Daniel DeFoe was, without a doubt, one of the earliest supporters of equal rights, or at least equal educational opportunities, for women.

Jack Said:

I need an article about the education problem?

We Answered:

Grade inflation. Its a serious problem today in many schools.

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