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Annamalai University Distance Education Courses

Ashley Said:

[Distance Education] Which is easier to pass - Annamalai University or Madurai Kamraj University?

We Answered:

to pass any exam you have to get minimum marks
and the marks are given by the person who is correcting/valueing your papers
so it depends upon the persons and not the university

Kristen Said:

How much it will cost to Complete visual communication course?

We Answered:

Don't worry. You may complete the course in just one lakh rupees or even below.

Felix Said:

What are the distance education MBA courses offered by Annamalai university?

We Answered:

Maybe you should seek advice from an expert. There is a site that gives free phone consultation regarding this.

Stacey Said:

iam doing MBA(hospital administration)first year in annamalai university.pcp classes in Dec and March .?

We Answered:

it is compulsory to attend pcp classes

Bruce Said:

Which is best for M.Sc(computer science)..?

We Answered:

If you are not employed or engaged anywhere why should you opt for distance course ?

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