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Advantages Of Education

Bryan Said:

What is the advantage education-wise of attending a higher ranking law school?

We Answered:

You generally want to study law in the state that you plan to practice in, because each law school focuses on their state law and trains you for their state bar. Plus you want to be able to benefit from the local connections and internships that you obtain (including classmates and professors).

The education is better at top ranking law schools, but not by much. The important distinction is the calibur of other students professors, and recruiting law firms--which are all bound to be higher, if in varying degrees, at top schools.

There are only a handful of outstanding law schools, so students who are smart enough to get in are more likely to go out of state for law school, even if they don't plan to work there forever. It's worth the trade off, in other words. If you can only get into a mid-level school, you're more likely to go ahead and stay close to home for the advantages listed above.

Allen Said:

modern education advantages more than 100 words?

We Answered:

You can get online help from in this regard.

Gertrude Said:

I need help making an outline for the advantages of online education?

We Answered:

Some ideas might be: Able to work and study at more flexible hours, Able to recheck your mistakes and focus
on areas needing improvement, Able to save money on
gasoline and wear and tear on vehicle as you can work
from home, Able to stay healthier because you can eat
at home and study/test at the same time.

Eric Said:

setting education advantages and disadvantages?

We Answered:

- wastage of time rather than sticking in one classroom for your entire subjects
- stressful
- social skills with students is not manifested

- correct equipments for subject in the classroom
- specific teachers that are more knowledgeable in their fields

hope this helps ^_^

Irma Said:

What is the advantages of Education in Singapore?

We Answered:

better opportunities in employment

Jo Said:

what are the advantages of education in english medium ?

We Answered:

Truthfully? More disadvantages than advantages..

- students can learn a lot of new terms in english
- it will be easier for them to sit for English for Science and Technology paper... ;p
- it will be easier for tertiary education as a lot of reference book is in english
- even some lecturers in tertiary education speaks english

- students living away from big town and not being used to english will suffer
- they will feel bored and destroy their life!!!

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