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Accelerated Christian Education

Thelma Said:

Is ACE just a Christian equivalent of the Islamic Madrassas?

We Answered:

well from what you have said, they seem to be a pretty similar thing! All religion is outdated, it is no longer beneficial and is a undesirable relic of a corrupt past.

Elsie Said:

Is A.C.E. (accelerated christian education) accredited?

We Answered:

yes, they are accredited. I think they hold more than one, but I definitely know one is The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.
That's a biggie.
They offer a solid curriculum. I really considered them a time or two, and as my son gets older, it may still be a consideration with me.
They have offices in my area, so their name is very well known, and well respected.

Edit to add:
Of course, I was assuming, since you asked about the accrediting, that you were asking about their full service umbrella school and not just buying their paces and working through them yourself.

Everett Said:

Should Accelerated Christian Education's creation science curriculum be illegal?

We Answered:

Of course not. How ridiculous.

In America we get to have freedom of religion. You may not like it, and that's okay, but you do have to deal with it.

Brenda Said:

What is the best independence study program for highschool?

We Answered:

Accelerated Christian Education is good. Charity Christian Academy offers not only much of the same curriculum as Accelerated Christian Education, but also some curriculum choices and electives that are not offered by Accelerated Christian Education.

Gary Said:

Are there any parents in New Jersey who homeschool?

We Answered:

I think you'll be happy with your decision to homeschool! We take it one semester at a time, but love it so much that I can't see quitting!

Go to to view the law in New Jersey. There are absolutely homeschoolers in NJ! We are many. :)

The choice of curriculum lies with what priorities you have, what your child's learning style is, etc. It's a tough decision , and an overwhelming one! We started with A Beka (textbook approach) and now use (a more natural approach). The latter fits my personality and our living style so well, but someone else may love the structure and discipline of the textbook approach. There are many other options, too!

I have heard of some using ACE, although that would bore my children and me crazy. We'd rather go outside and learn our science through real life or an interesting book than through those worksheets. But that's subjective! The beauty of homeschooling is the FREEDOM to choose YOUR way.

I created a pay-it-forward site for educators and parents at . Check it out for some links to curriculum and other sources (such as AmblesideOnline). New posts go up daily. Let me know through FreelyEducate if you need more help.

Victor Said:

Does anybody known if the Accelerated Christian Education ( ACE) Old Testament Survey books are long?

We Answered:

I don't remember how many pages in each pace, but I'd guess 40 (1/2" thick), and there are ten paces for that course, and 4 teacher key books, in case you are talking homeschooling. My daughters took it for post secondary (Associate Degree) credit, but they went on to get state BS degrees for teaching. What's your goal for taking them?

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