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Free Distance Learning

There are hundreds and hundreds of distance learning courses available online. Some of these courses are specifically for students enrolled in a college or university program of study. These type classes are tuition based, monitored by professors, and must be completed in a certain amount of time. Other courses are structured in what is termed open enrollment. These are classes offered by institutions of higher learning and are available to anyone who wishes to study in a college environment without enrolling in a specific program of study. The fees for these classes are generally higher than tuition based classes, but include all the instructions and materials needed by the students. Still other courses fall into the category of free distance learning classes.

Free distance learning classes are generally offered based on two different categories. The first category of free distance learning classes is offered by professional organizations. These free distance learning classes are often required for employees and professionals working in a particular field. For example, firefighters are sometimes required to keep their certifications current by taking free distance learning courses on the latest technologies and information applicable to their profession. These free distance learning classes can be based on fire safety, knowledge of chemicals and explosives, and search and rescue techniques. Another example of free distance learning classes for professionals is in the field of auctioneering. Licensed auctioneers are required to participate in free distance learning classes on the legalities of auctioning property and real estate since these state and federal laws are subject to change over time.

The second major category of free distance learning classes are found in the areas of interest people would consider hobbies. There are literally thousands of free distance learning classes on topics such as crafting, sewing, art, music and all other manner of creative activities. Free distance learning classes in these topics are often offered via a website that will sell you the products needed to participate in the free distance learning classes. This way they can keep the instructional component free of charge for registrants. There are also many free distance learning classes that do not require purchasing anything and are completely free to enroll. These are most often offered by non-profit or not for profit organizations like environmental or community groups.

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