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Diploma In Mechanical Engineering

Carl Said:

How to take Mechanical Engineering Diploma(AICTE Approved) in UAE?

We Answered:

You should try United Arab Emirates University and here is the website.

Marvin Said:

I did diploma in Mechanical Engineering after 12 std. + 15 year work experience.Can i do MBA in marketing?

We Answered:

you have to be a graduate for entering MBA course...
better do BBA... followed by MBA...

Johnny Said:

I have certified to Diploma In mechanical engineering at 2003. Am I eligible to work in US?

We Answered:

Check the Department of State's website or contact your local US embassy or consulate.

Deanna Said:

I am going to study a BTEC DIPLOMA MECHANICAL ENGINEERING at college.wondering about my options after?HELP!?

We Answered:

They do employ college graduates, but you have to be prepared to take a more hands on role in engineering for a while, working under the likes of uni graduates and experienced professionals. There is every chance you will work your way up once you get a knowledge of the industry into higher roles and management positions but this will take time. A part time degree would certainly help and some employers will offer the funding/time to do this. Some MSc degrees offer places to students with HND/lower degrees with 5 or so years experience. Obviously a degree would provide vastly improved opportunities in the industry, however this is not to say it is the only way to be a successful engineer.

Tracy Said:

Can a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering holder switch to a Bachelor in Petroleum Engineering degree?

We Answered:

No... not unless you meet the requirements of the new degree program.. It may take an extra year of schooling - maybe more.

You need to check with the Petroleum Engineering department to see what the requirements are - THEN you must look at the course offerings and see if you can take the necessary courses in a reasonable time.

It may take two years to accomplish.

Russell Said:

can a mechanical engineering diploma holder can study aircraft maintanance licence course in india or overseas

We Answered:

Yes you can study Aircraft Maintenance course. The minimum requirement for Aeronautical education should be XII pass with Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics as compulsory subjects of study, knowledge of English is very important. You have to get a good rank in the competitive examination for admission to various colleges and institutions imparting aeronautical education, this is regarding admission in India. To get education abroad minimum qualification is the same, but you do not have to sit in qualification test and your diploma in mechanical engineering will be of great help in getting admission abroad.

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