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Diploma In Marine Engineering

Aaron Said:

i am a mechanical eng: diploma holder what are the courses in marine engineering for me?

We Answered:

Wrong category, Dude.

Kathleen Said:

Which is better? A diploma in Marine Engineering or The B.E in Marine Engineering?

We Answered:

BE is a degree and the waitaige is more. and you have done 12th you can join diploma after your 10th also so beter go for BE.

Carrie Said:

Sir, i had completed my diploma in electrical engineering. And now i want to join in marine engineering. ?

We Answered:

Dear Sir, I have recently completed my Diploma in Electrical Engineering at ........... and I would now like to further my education in Marine Engineering. Can you please tell me where I might find a suitable course and what the entry requirements would be?

Using good English is always helpful.

Shane Said:

Is it possible to do Marine Engineering after completed diploma in mechanical?

We Answered:

It should be possible by lateral entry to a university.

Arlene Said:

MBA program for marine engineers having diploma in marine engineering?

We Answered:

sure you can still do MBA. and that to from a reputed college, though it will take some good sources and contacts for that. i think i have just the right solution for you. give me a call ASAP at 09884371056 or just send an sms , i will all back. also visit my site at and click on admission forum.
thank you!

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