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Diploma In Economics

Stephen Said:

When is result coming for diploma in economics,univeristy of london external programme?

We Answered:

It's usually August or September. The results will be sent to you.

Christine Said:

is doing post graduation diploma in economics is a good carer option?

We Answered:

Post Graduate Diploma in Business Economics is a good programme from WLC College and has better job prospective.

Clinton Said:

London School of Economics External Diploma/certificate, a good idea or not if I would like to go to IVY grad?

We Answered:

If you do well in the LSE course, it really doesn't detract from your CV, and it may actually open some doors in your career in the future, since it may allow you access to work in England that would otherwise not be open to you. Since you do not know the future any more than I do, that might be a nice door. By extension, it might open opportunities in other parts of the British commonwealth... I am reminded of a lawyer I know who earned his degree in Canada, but had taken one course at a US uni. He had no trouble being admitted to the Bar in the US, only because of that one course. He advised me that I should take a course or two from a school in the British Commonwealth if I wanted to make it easier to move internationally in the future.

Willie Said:

Diploma in Economics, just talking about year to read more. 10 PTS for the Best Answerer?

We Answered:

Economics is a fairly easy subject - mostly essays and a minuscule amount of maths.

Lloyd Said:

Graduate diploma in Economics at Royal Holloway?

We Answered:

The course description should contain some requirements/pre-requisites. I'd imagine since it's postgrad you'd need some understanding of maths/economics, but as to what level it's hard to say without seeing a course description (which holloway usually have). alternatively you could try calling up one of the departments admissions team? they're usually alright to talk to in my experience.

As I mentioned London to Egham isn't too bad, trains run from waterloo fairly regularly. The train from london to reading runs every half hour (maybe more at peak times) and take about 35 minutes.

You can also get on from another london station and change at clapham or richmond to get on this. Alternatively you can catch the district line to richmond and change there if you more towards the west of london.

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