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Diploma In Criminology

Erik Said:

Has anyone done a Diploma in Criminology with Home Learning?

We Answered:

i did a diploma in counselling by home study. i didn't try to get a job in counselling so cannot really say how much it would work in getting me into that field of work.
with distance learning you have to consider if you want an accredited course, if you have the motivation not to attend a classroom style course, if you are capable of studying alone and doing research yourself, if the distance learning organisation provides tutor support - and at what level - ie can you phone/email them anytime throughout your course if you need advice.
if you have your heart set on a certain job, or with a certain employer then why not chat to them about how they'd view your home study qualification.

Shawn Said:

What can I do with Diploma in Criminology in Singapore?

We Answered:

try rob a bank or kill a man.
sure u'll ur diploma to fight the CSI team

Charlie Said:

I holds a diploma in criminology and i am serving in kenya police assist me to join interpol?

We Answered:

it can,t hurt you

Nelson Said:

What Can I Do With A Criminology Diploma?

We Answered:

How about joining the mounties?

Bessie Said:

what job will i get with a diploma in criminology, and what kind of pay will i earn?

We Answered:

Entry-level criminologists conduct data collection, report proofing, and computer work, catalogue information about the possible causes of crime and the crimes committed, compile crime statistics and propose improvements for the use of resources. Criminologists also analyze and develop crime prevention strategies.

Criminologists analyze the causes of crime and how the community relates to crime. Criminologists may be involved in crime scene investigations, or attend autopsies seeking evidence and information to analyze the crime.
What areas of specialization may criminologists choose?
Criminologists may focus on specific age groups, or specific types of crimes. A criminologist may focus on crime prevention, the process of crime scene investigation, the process of criminal litigation or the process of criminal corrections. A criminologist may become a profiler who develops profiles of particular criminal activity by reviewing patterns of behavior among certain groups who commit particular crimes.

Criminologists may specialize in organizational research, victimology, corporate crime or juvenile justice. Some criminologists work with community initiatives, evaluation and policy projects with federal, state and local criminal justice agencies.

Universities and government agencies employ professional criminologists for advanced teaching and research and policy assessment.

Most Criminologists become police officers, FBI agents, or state medical examiners. Criminologists may work in universities teaching criminology, legal studies, law and sociology Federal and state justice agencies employ criminologists as research officers and policy advisers.

Criminologists are found in many different settings: airport security, corrections systems, probation or parole officers, drug enforcement agencies, FBI, US customs and other law enforcement agencies. Corporations or financial institutions, major department stores and law firms employ security officers, private investigators or social workers. Some work as consultants in the role of private investigators or security.

Online Resources………

Criminology Career Information and Job Search: This is an excellent site! :…

Jennie Said:

Where to study for a diploma in criminology and policing ?

We Answered:

Information is below.

Jim Said:

Wat are the career prospects in a degree in Sociology/criminology in Singapore(a psychology cert)?

We Answered:

maybe you can check with your school, or maybe you can go to local Sg website 88db to look for clinical psychologist job

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