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Diploma In Cardiology

Carl Said:

Can I trust everest college? PLEASE READ FIRST?!?

We Answered:

Here are several reviews from other students who have attended Everest College:…

The reviews seem pretty positive.

I wouldn't be too worried about this program, especially if it is only one of two programs in Ontario that is appropriately accredited. That means that there will be many other people in your area who have it as a legitimate credential.

Dave Said:

address of ignou at chennai?

We Answered:

IGNOU you can search it on this link. plz click

Allan Said:

postgraduate diploma in cardiology or diabetes in denmark or newzealand,where to get more information?

We Answered:

Try Denmark or Newzealand.

Tonya Said:

What she`ll accept my LOVE?

We Answered:

Its good that you have decided to tell her the truth.She will be angry with u for few days but if she is a good friend of yours she will return soon but if she is in love with u it will take her some time which you ought to give her.Then you can always maintain a healthy friendship with her.Good friendship can transform into love.

But tell me something,she seems to be a bit more successful and affluent than u are,so if u marry her,may ego problems not creep in?I hope the situation is not so.You are grown up enough to think practically.Emotionalism can doctor life but decisions are to be made practically.

You are in a very haphazard state of mind so sit down calmly and gather your thoughts.Only u can comprehend your situation the best,this friend can only suggest and advise.

I hope u get the love of your life.ALL THE BEST.

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