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Diploma In Banking

Katherine Said:

Diploma in banking and finance (DBF) training course in hyderabad?

We Answered:

Please refer or to know the Institution in Hyderabad.

Kristen Said:

where do i study diploma in banking cheaply?

We Answered:

University of South Africa (UNISA) ! cheap by foreign standards but high quality degrees or diplomas accepted world wide. and you dont even need to go to south africa to study since they have offices worldwide. im an investment banker today because of them.

Roland Said:

Which Institutes/ Universities are good for pursuing a post graduate diploma in banking & finance (not MBA)?

We Answered:

Indian Institute of Banking & Finance is the best for courses at various levels in Banking and Finance with Corporate office at Mumbai and other offices at Kolkata, Chennai, Delhi.

Indian Institute of Banking & Finance
109 - 113, Vikrant towers
Ist floor, 4, Rajendra place
NEW DELHI - 110 008
Phone : 91-011- 2575 2191
Phone : 91-011- 2575 2192
Fax : 91-011- 2575 2193
Email : [email protected]

More information from IIBF web site.

Other best is
Institute of Finance, Banking & Insurance.
Its centers are located in all important cities of India including Delhi. IFBI is established by NIIT in association with ICICI Bank. You can try this also.
Its web site has more information.

Cody Said:

do u think diploma in banking got many opportunities..?

We Answered:

No matter the economy there will always be money. Money experts will always be in demand. The landscape of their job will change with the economy but I bet they'll always have work.

There is a great website called the Occupational Outlook Handbook that can give you a very descriptive look at many occupations. I put the link below.

It states for example, that the banking industry can expect moderate growth of the next 5 years. Technology is having a huge impact on the industry. So if you can grab any experience in that area it could be very helpful.

Ramona Said:

i just applied for a diploma in banking and finance.does it pay well in our counrty?

We Answered:

yes it does

Helen Said:

Should I Go for Diploma In Banking & Finance from IIBF ?

We Answered:

Here is my advice , though I can not assure that it is 'wise' as desired by you.
You have not stated whether you want to take up a bank job or already in a bank job . The diploma will be useful only for employment in the Bank. The course is good and comprehensive ; but it is not a basic necessity either for getting a bank job or for building a career in an existing bank job. I suggest that if you are seeking employment in a Bank , then you should prepare yourself for the written test for which the DIBF degree will not help. The degree will help only in interview. You can not go for the interview unless you first qualify in the written test.
If you are already in a Bank and want to get this degree for furthering your promotion prospectus , then it is better to take the exam for certified associate of the institute.

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