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Diploma In Accounting

Lisa Said:

what type of job can i get with a certificate/diploma in accounting?

We Answered:

you can be an accounting clerk, a bookkeeper, payroll clerk, administrative staff, sales clerk or any office & desk job. but what gives a high pay is a diploma and experience in your chosen field. start at the bottom and learn. enhance your knowledge by reading new tax laws and learn from the experts. make friends with lawyers, accountants and consultants and learn from them. if you have these knowledge, you will rise slowly to your dream job and dream salary.

Fernando Said:

How many credits earned for a tech school accounting diploma?

We Answered:

how would i know...........thanks for the points though

Bertha Said:

I've completed diploma in Accounting . now looking for a job. Please suggest me different ways to get the job.?

We Answered:

Get a starter job at HR block. I know it's most likely well below what you are capable of. They are hiring like mad this time of year and take people with out experiance.
Or do taxes of friends and such and claim you had a at home tax service.

Rose Said:

Is a Canadian Accounting diploma recognized in the US as an Associates Degree?

We Answered:

Yes they are recognized. You will not have difficulty finding a job here. I believe you just need to become certified and you would probably need to take classes for that..Oh wait maybe not, there are plenty of finance/accounting jobs that will take your Canadian degree

Carole Said:

Diploma of business management OR Diploma in accounting?

We Answered:

first of all you should study what you like most, but
i an a country like Australia, i think it's the same.
i'm from Argentina and, if you ask me, here is better studiing accounting because the companys hire an accountant to do a businessman work, but i think that doesn`t happen in a country like yours

Lawrence Said:

BTEC or Diploma in Accounting in a college in or near central London?

We Answered:

Information is below.

Vernon Said:

Can I get Admission in Advanced Diploma in Accounting after Diploma in Accounting in Australia ?

We Answered:


The course that you mentioned above are taught at TAFE-NSW. TAFE NSW is a public college. It is fully accredited and recognised anywhere. Therefore, provided that you complete the Diploma course with good marks, you will be able to continue your study to the Advanced Diploma course at any TAFE or private colleges with some credit transfers. This means that you do not have to study the Advanced Diploma from the beginning.

Moreover, if you actually plans to study to uni, you can actually apply there also with some credit transfer.

You want proof? The link below are from the Australian Government webpage.

Hope this helps. Good luck and welcome to Australia.

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