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Diploma Courses In Canada

Amy Said:

which is best country to settled or get pr after 1 yr diploma courses between canada and nz?

We Answered:

New Zealand.

Olga Said:

Can someone please give me a list of universities in canada can offer postgraduate diploma in business courses

We Answered:…

Elaine Said:

is it hard to take IB courses/ IB diploma in Canada? does it require you to be exceptionally smart to take it?

We Answered:

You do not need to be smart. You just need to be willing to study. The courses themselves may or may not be hard (depends on the school) but the exams are sometimes killers. You need to be willing to concentrate and study or the exams.

Virgil Said:

i did bsc(med) and going to canada in few months and asking for any one year dipoma course for job?

We Answered:

You adopted the wrong course after B.Sc. Medical by doing computer course. You should have done a course in Nursing as nurses are in great demand in Canada.
Other options are Diploma in Clinical research
Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technician

You can't be sure to find a job in Canada based on the qualification you got in India. Unless you are highly qualified specialist.
You will find a good paying job in Canada even without having a job oriented diploma as short term diplomas from India are rarely accepted in Canada for a specialist job.

Becky Said:

I have 15 yrs of education so if i do a 1 year course in Canada is is counted in the USA?

We Answered:

It is based on the MS course requirements

Donald Said:

best colleges for doing pg diploma in canada?

We Answered:

check out this website it provide more about eductional informations

Discuss It!

Sumon said:

Can I take diploma course in canada with out IELTS.if possible please give the link..

uch said:

i am looking for a school that runs dipoma courses in medical laboratory science

diploma courses said:

Imperial College of Trades (ICT) is proud of being the first private institute to deliver nationally recognised horticulture courses for international students in Adelaide, South Australia.

Fola said:

Hi! I'm a degree holder in nursing (BNSC) from Nigeria. Can you please advice me on related diploma course(s) that can be done in Canada.i mean, related course

Fo said:

And pls,the schools involved

mysuperiorpaper research paper said:

Education about the position and pyramid of our business world is very important because in this way we can sense that we know all the arrangements of the grade and we can give this education to other needy person who does not know all about this classification.

online assignment help said:

I need to impart to everyone my story how I get mull over in Canada. What's more, after University regardless you have to get a work experience.

Can Someone Do My Essay said:

I am liability bachelors in computer engineering in New York and was planning for masters in Canada. required to know that is this Post divide up in certificate equivalent to masters.