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Diploma Counselling Courses

Sonia Said:

Where can I do online diplomas in Counselling and Psychology?

We Answered:

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Did you mean: online diplomas in Counseling and Psychology? 1 - 1 of 1 Where can I do online diplomas in Counselling and Psychology?
It has to be done entirely through the internet. Can anyone please help me find such an institution that offers such courses.

Asked by marriedwoman - 2 minutes ago - Higher Education (University +) - 0 Answers - Open Questions

Web Search Results for "online diplomas in Counselling and Psychology?"1 - 5 of about 1,027 Course Descriptors | Diplomas and Bachelor of Counselling @ Wellington Institute of Technology
Online Learning. STAR. Timetables. Adult Education & Training. Art & Design ... BC5111 Introduction to Individual and Social Psychology (Psychology I)…
Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology from Yorkville University (Canada)
Diplomas and Certificates Online ... The Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology will be awarded to students who have demonstrated:…

Virginia Said:

As a mature student with 2 children, would I get any funding help?

We Answered:

yeah go to a student finance website. put this in google as i cant remember the url.
student finance direct gov

you should get a grant to help you

Joel Said:

What do you crave and need a lot in your family for which you are willing to buy through post / Email order ?

We Answered:

Nothing. I need: food, clothing, shelter. I buy food and clothing within 10 km.

Rhonda Said:

Does anyone know where you can apply to be a trainee counsellor to work with children in Birmingham?

We Answered:

try calling learn direct.thay should be able to point you in the right direction.0800 0150 450.or your local jobcentre
good luck

Johnny Said:

I am a qualified Counsellor and want to continue studying.?

We Answered:

Take a look at the School of Psychotherapy in Regents Park. They have a good reputation. Also Goldsmiths college is the place for Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy Diploma if you are inclined that way.

Adrian Said:

Interview for a counselling course.. how can I impress?

We Answered:

I've been interviewed in this way too, it can be pretty scary!

I think the first way to prepare is to be aware of the current issues in your field, look at medical journals and be aware of what is the current hot topic of the moment. Also check recent news reports. Another method of preparation is to be aware of what areas are controversial in your field, they may ask you on one of those topics.

Also in some group discussions, you are required to carry out a task, as if you are on a board/committee and have to come to a decision.

When being interviewed in a group discussion the worst thing is not knowing what the examiners are looking for. From experience i would say that they want to see that you can effectively communicate your ideas, make sure that you are listening to others around you, that you actually contribute to the discussion but don't be over-bearing.

For the individual interview, make sure know are able to answer why you want to study the course,
why you want to be a counselor,
what are the qualities of a good counselor
make sure you understand the difference between client-centered and other types of counseling such as CBT and psychoanalysis
Also make sure you're able to say why you are interested in client centered rather than other types
make sure you have relevant experience too.

Also on what to wear, i would go for a suit only because you're going for a graduate course and need to look professional and that you're serious about the course.

It is a difficult one but that's how i prepared. Good luck!

Lisa Said:

Does anyone know any Cognitive Behaviour Therapy courses in Australia (QLD) that I can do by distance learning?

We Answered:

Look no further,

Current Student of A.I.P.C.

P.S. You could use your qualifications and teach yourself this, it's very liberating.

Best Wishes.

Mars Mission.

14th Year Psychology / Counselling / Hypnosis Student.

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