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Degrees That Pay

Violet Said:

would a combination of imaging degrees pay more ?

We Answered:

aren't you an eager beaver? It will take 24 more months to finish a radiography program and another 2 years to finish a really good ultrsound program. It doesn't matter whether it is a certificate or an associates. Will it increase your income, yes and no. However, it is hard to find a technologist who is a sonographer, a radiological technologist who can be trained for CT/MRI esp in the state of NJ, and is a nuclear medicine technologist. I look at this way if you go back to school for x ray, you can do PET/CT or PET/MR and always will have a job as an x ray tech or a ultrasound tech if nuclear goes bonkers. Honestly, I don't know if your professor told you this or not, the job market across all modalities in the radiology field is bad except maybe US and MR. As for the pay for nuclear, I am not sure and rather not think about it right now considering I already have a job and yeah I am already in nuke school.

Danny Said:

What are some two year degrees that pay well after you graduate?

We Answered:

You can get a 2 year degree in marketing management, which would give you experience in a management situation and then work for awhile and take classes at the university as a part time student. Marketing management opens the doors to all kinds of possibilities and they usually get paid well.

There is a 2 year Accountant program which is rather intense, but starting pay is nice.

If you think you could handle this type of work- repetitive, loud machines, a lot of mathematical knowledge needed, and factory work- a 2 year Machine Tool Trade pays great. If you get employed in a large city, they can start you at 21 an hour. My brother is a machinist and it works well for him.

Otherwise, you could take first 2 years of a 4 year degree at community college and pay far less than the university and then transfer when you have 60-64 credits completed.

Jennifer Said:

well how about this, if V.T. is going to give the degrees, pay them the salary that would have come with it?

We Answered:

Given, nothing can replace the life of a child. But I say after a couple months (for greeving), offer to reimburst the families for the tuition they have paid. On the other hand, it wasn't VT's fault for this, so technically, they don't have to do anything, morally they should, but realistically they don't.

Danielle Said:

How much money does an Early childhood education Associates degree pay?

We Answered:

With just an associate's degree, there aren't many options other than teaching in a daycare. You could probably work as an aide in a public school. Public schools require a bachelor's degree and a teaching certificate/license to be a teacher.

Jorge Said:

What are some medical field degrees that pay well?

We Answered:

There are tons. Some have already been named, but here are a few ideas. Click the links for more info about each:

-Diagnostic Medical Sonography (ultrasound). 18 mos - 2 yr Associate's. This is what I'm in school for & I really enjoy it.

-Physical Therapy Assistant: 2 year Associate's.

-Speech-Language Pathologist: Master's degree required.

-Echocardiographer: 18 mo-2 yr Associate's.

-Respiratory Therapist: 2 yr. Associate's.

-Dental Hygiene. 2 yr Associate's.

-Radiologic Technologist: 2 year Associate's

Bobbie Said:

What degrees pay a lot and are in demand and will have future growth? PERSONAL EXPERIENCE ONLY?

We Answered:

You believe everything you read?

Wesley Said:

What are the most lucrative Associates degrees to get?

We Answered:

Nursing (RN) Respiratory Care (Respiratory Therapist), or Radiologic Technology (Rad Tech/ "x-ray tech").

All of these positions start off over $20 an hour, have very flexible shifts, and will always be in need.

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