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Degree At Home

Vanessa Said:

has anyone tried the degree at home/online classes program? are they any good?

We Answered:

If that's your dream, moving might be your best idea. Many of the online programs are looked down upon, especially in sciences, and that's at the undergrad level. I don't know how they could possibly replicate lab experience through a distance learning program. Becoming a veterinarian requires undergraduate and graduate study. Vet school absolutely can not be done online or at a distance.

Jane Said:

how to care for a 2ND degree burn at home?

We Answered:

Clean your wound daily or twice daily as needed. Soap and water will suffice. Be gentle in manipulation of the wound. Apply silvadene cream to wound and apply a nostick breatheable dressing, such as telfa and a light gauze dressing with paper tape over that.

I am not sure silvadene is OTC but I am sure they make an alternative. Check with the pharmacist.

Katrina Said:

How can I become a park ranger at home do the online or degree at home work?

We Answered:

There are many on line criminal justice programs. I started my degree at Western Illinois University and was hired before finishing - but I was able to finish on line and through independent study.

Michelle Said:

What is the best way to treat a 2nd degree burn at home?

We Answered:

Treat burns in the following ways:

Cool the burned area with moist, clean, cool cloths.
Rinse with tap water, and clean with soap and water.
Apply a layer of Silvadene cream ( silver sulfadiazine) morning and evening. (Do not use Silvadene near the eyes.) Cover with gauze dressings. Clean off all Silvadene cream with soap and water with each dressing change.
Blisters may rupture. Remove the dead skin with sterile scissors and tweezers.
Flush chemical burns with water until all burning pain has stopped. Remove all contaminated clothes.
Oral antibiotics are usually recommended to prevent infection. If infection develops, continue antibiotics for at least 5 days after all signs of infection have gone away. Let the doctor know about any drug allergies so the right antibiotic can be prescribed. Some oral antibiotics can cause sensitivity to the sun , so use a sunscreen (at least SPF 15).
Pain may be relieved with 1-2 acetaminophen (Tylenol) every 4 hours or 1-2 ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin) every 6-8 hours.

Earl Said:

I want to know can you get a job with an at home degree you know where they send you all you work in the mail.

We Answered:

i can email it to you for a price. and it works. guaranteed.

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