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Copy Of High School Diploma

Lillian Said:

How can I get a copy of a high school diploma from a school that shut down 20 some years ago?

We Answered:

Call the school corporation that it was in. They should have all of the records. If that doesn't work, call your city council office or annex building.

Ronald Said:

I graduated in 1981 from hueneme high school and I would like a copy of my diploma?

We Answered:

Look up the school you went to and give them a call. If they can't get you a copy of your diploma they can point you in the direction of someone who can.

Beatrice Said:

How would I go about getting a copy of my high school diploma 12 years after graduation?

We Answered:

Well, you could ask for a letter of certification of graduation from the school you attended and graduated from.

Also, check into where they have their diplomas printed at and see if you can get an phone number for the company. That company may have them on file some place where they can do a reprint. Or they may be able create a new one for you with a certification of graduation letter.

Best of luck!

Guy Said:

HOW DO I GET a COPY OF High school diploma. When I took the GED?

We Answered:

Write the state that gave it to you and request a copy!

Jared Said:

how do i get a copy of my high school diploma if the school is now closed?

We Answered:

Maybe there is a record of it with your state Department of Education or local school district you attended. Try contacting them. Good luck!

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