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Copy Of Diploma

Jeanne Said:

How can I get a copy of my high school diploma?

We Answered:

I don't think there is any other way besides the school you went to. You might be out of luck. You could find someone you graduated with and make a scan of their diploma, photoshop out their name and insert yours.

Lori Said:

How to retrieve your high school records, report cards, copy of diploma?

We Answered:

Write or call the "Register Of Deeds" in the Capital city of the state where you graduated and ask them what it would cost you to get a copy of your transcript and diploma. I live in NC and it cost me $10.00 for mine less than a year ago. Once you get them, make copies and then you don't have to worry about having them at a later date.

Julia Said:

can i ask another copy of my high school diploma if i lost it?

We Answered:

Yes your can get another diploma just go to the school were you graution from.

Steven Said:

I need a copy of my highschool diploma where do I look?

We Answered:

Do you remember where you kept your high school diploma (at home, in a safety-deposit box or wherever else), so that you can then make a Xerox copy of it?

Also- I would contact the high school you went to, to see if just maybe they retained a copy in storage of your high school diploma & would be willing to make a copy of it for you.

Is it possible you may have just left it with your Parents at their home (either/or, as I know many marriages end in divorce these days)?

Melanie Said:

How do I get a copy of my high school diploma?

We Answered:

go to your dean and talk to her about your transcript of records and go to the registrar's office.

Ida Said:

What is it a legalized copy of diploma and grade list?

We Answered:

A copy of grades, credits earned, and diploma or degree is called transcripts.

You can write to your schools office and request your personal transcripts from any school you've attended. You will need to identify what years you attended the school.

You can request un-offical transcripts that are printed from the school or offical transcripts that will take a couple of days to print. If you get offical transcripts, do not open them, only allow the person or business requesting them to open them, or open them in front of a representive of a business or company.

Lester Said:

Can you get a notarized copy of diploma and transcript from the school?

We Answered:

Schools will not send a second diploma. They will send an official transcript directly to any institution that you like. It will not be notarized but the may place the school seal on the transcript.//

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