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Computer Science Degree

Joshua Said:

Is a computer science degree any good for computer forensics?

We Answered:

Familiarize yourself with the rules of evidence for legal proceedings, and with authentication technology. Have any of your professors performed forensics? Talk to him or her, and see if you can accompany her or him to court to watch the presentation.

Your main clients will be attorneys, police departments (and divorcing spouses, ha ha). So it wouldn't hurt to start developing contacts in those communities.

The article below has some other links for you.

Wallace Said:

Can you become an animator with a computer science degree?

We Answered:

You can do so much in the areas of computers with a Computer Science degree. I plan on majoring in it because my two career possibilities I can't decide between both would require it: Visual Media and Criminal Justice.

Everything from animation, to 2D& 3D animation, to graphic design, to programming can be done with such a degree. The careers a CS degree has to offer are continuously growing and since the major covers a wide variety of computer-related topics, it is good for a number of careers.

On top of that, those graduating in the major have declined, making CS majors more in demand.The fears of outsourcing and the scare have frightened potential CS students. While those majoring in it have declined,the need for CS students has drastically increased because let's face it, technology is here to stay. Starting salaries
for a CS major are around $55000 and are in GREAT demand.

CS degree would be excellent for animation, design, programming
and more.

Dana Said:

How would a computer science degree effect a career as a police officer?

We Answered:

I suggest you talk to your local law enforcement. My friend was like you, but she wound up changing her major to law enforcement. She went down to the local station, said she was interested in law enforcement as a career and they let her ride around with an officer for a day, so it really helped her in her decision as to if she should go into that field or not. I know you said your school doesn't offer a criminal justice degree, but have you considered changing schools? Computer science is great, if you love and want to do that. However, I feel that it might not be the best major for a law enforcement career.

Best of luck to you in your decision though!

Lydia Said:

Is a computer science degree worth getting in the US? How much does the average person make?

We Answered:

Most of your questions have so many variables involved that you shouldn't expect any kind of simple answer. The truth is, it varies for everyone. As far as careers go, Computer Science is in high demand and there's a lot you can do with such a talent. How much someone makes can vary quite a bit. I know Jr. Programmers who get about 50 thousand a year, but then people straight out of school may start at around 40. With experience, luck, and a few good choices, you can move up fairly quickly. I know programmers who work in SQL that make around 150 thousand a year.

It also depends on what kind of programming you do and how valuable that skill is for the particular company you work for.

As for how hard it gets, that's completely subjective. I never had any trouble with any of my classes, but I guess I had a mind for it. Some people struggle and it's not for them. The only way to find out is to start taking classes and decide then. There's very little abstract stuff though. Programming isn't about abstract concepts unless you get into Cryptology or Artificial Intelligence.

Standard programming is about giving you tools that logically make sense so you can build your software.

Geraldine Said:

What is my computer science degree good for?

We Answered:

I agree.. and i am wondering the same thing myself. I don't know if you are male or female but in the IT world, it's even harder for gal to get a job, unless we want to settle for helpdesk. Worst still mine is a 2 year college. =(

Jaime Said:

Recommend a Computer orientated Bachelor of Science degree?

We Answered:

Unless you want the highly theoretical and mathematical degrees in Computer Science or Computer Engineering, you might be happier with a degree in Computer Engineering Technology, or something like San Jose State's excellent degree in Computer Electronics and Network Technology.

Raul Said:

How useful is having a computer science degree if you want to go into 3d animation and graphic design?

We Answered:

it would make you more marketable as you'd know how to fix stuff as well as design. This could get you in the door to stepping stone jobs but, it really wouldn't help you get into endgame design specific jobs you want.

basically the best way to get that is to design shorts and post it to you tube and have it on a flash drive or external hard drive when you go to an interview.
basically your portfolio of what you can do. similar to a photographer

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