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Colleges And Universities

Edna Said:

What are some colleges/universities that have excellent English and writing departments?

We Answered:

The university of Iowa is often said to have the best creative writing program in the country. While the school itself is not very difficult to get into, this program is. John Irving, one of the best contemporary novelists around (ever hear of The World According to Garp?) teaches there. If you want a great program thats easier to get into i would say the University of Arkansas is the way to go. I know Arkansas and Iowa aren't considered the most inspiring of places, but their creative writing programs are top notch.

Josephine Said:

What good colleges/universities are there in hawaii?

We Answered:

Top Five Schools in Hawaii
University of Hawaii at Manoa
The University of Hawaii at Manoa is located about three miles inland from the state capital, Honolulu, in Manoa. The university was founded in 1907 as a land grant college of agriculture mechanical arts. Today, the university has about 14,030 undergraduates. Best known for its studies in agriculture and human resources, the university is one of the only universities focusing on tropical agriculture. It is the only university in Hawaii to compete in NCAA Division I.

Christy Said:


We Answered:

a great school to go to in the University of Maryland. It is not too expensive and its very creditable. My father graduated from there and is now a fire protection engineer....

Carl Said:


We Answered:

Parsons in NYC is the most prestigious. There are others, such as the Fashion Institute in Chicago. But their credentials aren't nearly as good.

Priscilla Said:


We Answered:

Here is a listing of colleges and universities in Arizona. It would be best to check out each one and see if they have a good medical field or not, I don't know because I'm not from Arizona or the USA:…

Gwendolyn Said:

What can colleges/universities do to help prevent violents acts from happening in school?

We Answered:

I'm not a college student but I have spoken up about this subject to my college professor friend several times in the past asking him this very question. I don't think the colleges really have the answers but if one was to look at the experts in the field of violence they will tell you to speak up to everyone who comes in contact with any youth who have been hurt. Work with friends, law enforcement, health care workers, schools, employers, and court systems to help young people recover emotionally as well as physically. Be there for them, spend more time with them, and listen if they want to talk about their feelings or worries. Injury is not just physical so give them a safe place to talk about how they feel, not just once but many times. If you see changes in eating, sleeping, energy, acting out, or seeming sad, get help from their school counselor, minister, doctor, or nurse practitioner. Even finding little ways to reduce everyday stress and to make things safer can make a difference. If you have been hurt, being able to forgive wrongs, no matter how small, can help end a cycle of anger. Start small and help children and adults practice this. Let police, prosecutors, clerks and judges know that you are concerned about guns. Show up at sentencing. Let everyone know that even small gun crimes affect your daily life and that you expect them to focus on gun and violent crimes. A strong moral compass and caring about others not only makes people happier, but also makes it easier to weather bad times. Help young people learn to live by principles of fairness and respect. So my point is we can increase security, more metal detectors, more inspections, etc.,etc. but the real answers lie in how we reach out and help our fellow friends, students and neighbors for if we choose to turn the other cheek sort of speak, we just might be the next victim looking down the barrel of a gun. And that's not a very nice prospect in the security of my life and that of our fellow neighbors.

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