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College Degree Fake

Christian Said:

Is using a fake college degree to obtain a job illegal?

We Answered:

It is illegal, carries a stiff penalty under the law, and destroys your credibility.

Philip Said:

Fake college degree?

We Answered:

The first time you're caught using it to get a job, you're out the door.

Michelle Said:

What is a good fake college to get a fake degree from?

We Answered:

You do realize that to pay for one of these fake diplomas/degrees is a complete waste of money, do you not? No company will hire you with a fake degree, because well, it's fake and any employer with even half a brain would be able to detect the fake!

Armando Said:

What a fake college degree work for a job?

We Answered:

Oh, yes, they do indeed. Most companies hire a third party company to call the educational institution and verify your degree and/or transcript. If you falsify any employment information, including your degree, you can be terminated. So don't do it.

Barry Said:

Is it really possible to buy a fake college degree to use for teaching abroad in China?

We Answered:

Sure get caught with fake degree and then spend some time in jail in China. The US Embassy will just be able to tell you how you can get a lawyer while in China. Your Chinese friends might be telling you it be ok. They not the ones who going to end up in prison if caught. If you want to teach in China do a T.E.F.L course online etc. But remember your friends are not or maybe don't know the law about entering the country with fake degree. One advice don't believe everything someone tell you online like chat rooms etc. Remember your employer could check up with this so called University to see if you were a registered student, and that you graduated with a degree.

Elaine Said:

Can you fake a college degree?

We Answered:

You can buy degrees online - and most employers will Google the institution. Applications with bought degrees are an automatic rejection at my company.

How would they know if you don't? They'll ask a couple of relevant questions - which you may not even be able to identify. If they have any suspicions, they'll contact the university and ask them.

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