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California High School Diploma

Rachel Said:

What should I do to get my high school diploma in california?

We Answered:

If you cannot get satisfaction from writing to the high school and school district in Mexico, contact the Independent School District (ISD) where you currently reside. Explain your situation to them. They are supposed to provide assistance to you in events like this.

Francisco Said:

What is the maximum age limit to get my high school diploma in California?

We Answered:

Up here in Washington the age limit is twenty one. I believe your district would be the same, however you may want to ask someone working at the school you're planning on going to at that point.

Louise Said:

will the California high school exit exam count as a high school diploma or an equivalent to one?

We Answered:

No, it's not equivalent to a diploma, it's a requirement for a diploma. You have to get the credits or take the tests for a GED.

Wesley Said:

do you know any schools that do not require high school diploma in California?

We Answered:

Most junior colleges don't require a high school diploma as long as your 18 years old. But then again if you can't finish high school how do you plan to finish college or a vocational school?

Tony Said:

which one is easier to pass GED test or California High School Proficiency Examination (CHSPE) test?

We Answered:

They are both easy tests/ The choice is yours./

Samantha Said:

Can special education students get a high school diploma in California without passing the exit exam?

We Answered:

They can get a certification for completion (if finished w/ high school and leaving) or a certification for participation (if continuing on beyond 18 but want to walk across the stage w/ same age peers). But no, they do not receive a 'diploma'. Keep in mind that there can also be participation in the regular exam w/ accommodations if that is appropriate.

Claudia Said:

Should California deny a high school diploma to those who cannot pass the exit exam?

We Answered:

Yes. The skills needed to pass the exit examinations are ridiculously low. If a student cannot pass the tests, they should not be granted a diploma. The real question is what is wrong with California schools? The schools should be able to identify the students who are not even close to functioning at grade level and do something to attempt to correct the problem. So the exit examinations just demonstrate the inability of the schools to teach the skills needed to pass the tests.

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