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Btec National Diploma

Chris Said:

Who did or still doing btec national diploma for it practitioners infomation?

We Answered:

I'm just finishing off the second year of that course. The first year is quite easy and straightforward but the second does get a little hard. If you just take it step by step and ask the teachers for help it shouldn't be too hard. I'm not the brightest person but most of my class have got merits and distinctions in most units and some have even got nearly all distinctions. Just take it step by step and you should be fine :)

Erin Said:

What is the equivalent degree of BTEC National Diploma in Health and Social Care in the Philippines?

We Answered:

check out is in mumbai and pune provides all information on study abroad,career counselling,entrence exams preparation like GRE,CAT,CET,GMAT,XAT,SAT,IELTS.

check out provides all information on study abroad,career counselling,entrence exams preparation like GRE,CAT,CET,GMAT,XAT,SAT,IELTS.

Kyle Said:

what is the difference between BTEC national diploma and the advanced diploma?

We Answered:

Well, the main difference is that a BTEC is all coursework and A-levels are a combination of coursework and exams, mainly exams.
A-levels go over two years with the first year being your AS year, and the second year being your A-level year, both require and end of year exam and at the end of your first year, the grades you get will roll over into your second year and makes up part of your overall mark (so grades from first year plus grades from second year make overall grade) This can be useful if you dont do so well in your first year but ace your second year (so a C in year one and an A in year two may average out as an overall B grade)
BTEC runs for the course of 2 years aswel but is not divided into two sections, so you dont have any end of year work after the first year. Also its mainly comprised of coursework and your overall grade is not marked on a scale of A, B, C etc but rather as a distinction, merit, pass, fail. One BTEC is the equivalent of 3 GCSE's (i seem to remember) but carry the same weight as an A-level.
Universities tend to look more favourably on A-levels however this is not always the case.
BTEC and advanced levels are both highly regarded and of pretty equal standing (BTEC sometimes has a reputation as being "easier" however my friends who did BTEC assured me( who did A-levels) that they are just as bad lol)
I cant see why an advanced would not be suficient for HND/HNC but its best to find out from the institution you want to attend.

Wilma Said:

Can i get Canada skilled Work permit with Btec national diploma?

We Answered:

Maybe. But also see

Troy Said:

What can I do with a BTEC National Diploma in Animal Management?

We Answered:

I'm starting this course in September and once i've finished it i'm looking into working abroad with animals. Doing something with Zoos and animal conservation.
Of course, I'm expecting to change again and maybe go through a stage of Veterinary Nursing. Theres all sorts of occupations that you can get into by getting this.
The National Diploma also consists of around 3-5 A Levels so you'll have no problems getting into a Uni!

April Said:

What is better Btec national diploma in sport or the A level Sport Studies?

We Answered:

I did a BTEC not in sports but I go to uni now and that's what got me in. With the BTEC I was only in collage 3 days a week and we had 2 days a week work experience. The work experience taught me more than any book could. We also had no exams! I guess you need to look in to the course details of the A levels and the BTEC and see what you think you could do better in and enjoy the most.

Adrian Said:

whats the difference between a Btec national diploma and a national certificate?

We Answered:

The BTEC Extended Diploma is a vocational qualification taken in England and Wales and Northern Ireland by young people aged 16 and over and by adults. The qualification is organised and awarded by the Edexcel Foundation within the BTEC brand. BTEC ND is the highest level of the BTEC structure and is equal to A-Levels.

It is possible for a student to be accepted onto a BTEC Extended Diploma course without the recommended entry requirements, this is generally the case in students who have left school and acquired a job in the field of the subject that is relevant to the course. If the college is satisfied that the student has the ability to benefit successfully from the course. Students with a good National Certificate or equivalent qualification may be considered for entry to the second year of the National Diploma course in which case "bridging" studies may be necessary.

It is possible for students on the BTEC Extended Diploma to leave the course after 1 and 1/4 years with a BTEC National Certificate should they achieve Pass grades in all of the units from the first year..

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