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Btec First Diploma

Melissa Said:

Is a MERIT in a BTEC First Diploma equivalent to four GCSEs at grade B?

We Answered:


Claude Said:

I have BTEC first diploma and 3 A levels, do I still need GCSEs?

We Answered:

A BTEC First diploma is considered equivalent to 4 GCSEs which might suggest that you're only short of 1. However, most university courses require you to have a good GCSE pass (at least a C) in Maths and English and they may think that having 4 in the same subject isn't broad enough. The best thing to do is to ask the universities you are thinking of applying to how they would view your application - there's no point applying if they are going to reject you out of hand.

Cassandra Said:

Is BTEC First Diploma equivelent to AS level or A levels at all?

We Answered:

A btec first is the equivilent of 4 A - C gcses, not enough for uni. But a btec national diploma, which is the level up is the equivilent of 3 A levels, that would get you into uni

Eddie Said:

What job can i get with BTEC First Diploma in Business?

We Answered:

You need to go on to btec national unless you want to pick flies out of hot cross buns on a production line.

Claudia Said:

How many GCSEs does a distinction in a BTEC First Diploma count for? and at what grade?

We Answered:

I just got BTEC First diploma ICT and i got a MERIT basically the grading system for a BTEC First diploma is Distinction* = A*, Distinction = A, Merit = B, pass = C, Also BTEC First diploma = 4 GCSEs and BTEC First certificate = 2 GCSE

So from reading what i just said your BTEC Fisrt diploma in health and social = Distinction = 4 A grades.

Yes the colleges, uni and etc would recognise it if you explain it to them.

Erica Said:

How do i get another copy of my btec first diploma.....?

We Answered:

Do you mean the certificate. I lost mine too last year. Speak to your college and they can contac btec to get another copy or you can go onto the website and contact them to get you a new one, i think they charge 5.00 for a new copy.

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