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Advanced Diploma Of Accounting

Michelle Said:

Which College offer Diploma/Adv. Diploma in Accounting Codes: CRICOS 056373G & CRICOS: 056374G in Australia?

We Answered:

I will refer you CRICOS website to search for institute for your course. If you are already in Australia then its well and good.

But if you not in Australia and you are going for a private college which is not very reputed(Mostly all of them are not reputed) then it will be hard for you to obtain a visa because nowadays immigration of Australia is really strict because of past cases.

Perhaps you don't know about the education system in Australia but i will tell you. You have to step up stairs to go for Advanced Diploma. It is Certificate III in Accounting(6 months)-->Certificate IV in Accounting(6 months)-->Diploma in Accounting(6 month or 1 year)-->Advanced Diploma in Accounting(6 month or one year).

If you want to start for one year course and then enrol in 2nd year then you have to enrol in Certificate III-->Certificate IV which will make it one year course.

I will refer you DNA institute in Perth for Diploma in Business. But if you are not in Australia then i will prefer you to apply for TAFE and change your institute in Australia after 6 month or 1 year.

If you have any other questions or require any other assistance, then email me on [email protected]

Mabel Said:

Can I get Temporary Residency [TR] after TWO Year Diploma of Accounting in Australia?

We Answered:

Nowadays, its not easy to get temporary residency in Australia. Anyway their first requirement is minimum 2 year study in Australia.

If you do a two year course, then you have to check your eligibility for other things which are required for TR and PR. Like you are aged between 18 and 30. How many bands do you have in IELTS. Do you have 900 hrs of experience in your study related field? Do you have any blood relation in Australia. Do you have a job offer related to your qualification.

You have to make 120 points to apply for TR and then PR.
To calculate the points i refer immigration website of Australia.

After getting TR, you can work for any employer in Australia full time for 2 years but i will prefer you to work in your study related field because it will make your file strong and will take you on a safer side.

After studying to year if you meet all the requirements which are in the list like age, education, IELTS, experience, education, job offer, relation in Australia and all.

You need 120 points to step in for Temporary residency and then permanent residency.

There is a list of qualifications on Australia's immigration website. The list will tell you the individual points for different qualifications. For accountant its 60 points.

Always remember Accountants, Doctors and Nurses are highest paid jobs and every country need these people.

Nicholas Said:

What qualifications are needed to become an Accountant?

We Answered:

I know that at my college, many accounting firms come to recruit student who will be graduating with a Bachelors degree. This is often enough. However, you may go a bit further to get the MAcc (Masters of Accountancy), although this is not usually necessary. You will learn much of what you need with on-the-job training once you are hired. If you are interested in obtaining CPA-status (which is often desired, and sometimes paid for by the firm!), you will need a certain number of credit hours depending on your state. For example, you will need 150 credit hours in Washington State to sit for the CPA exam.

Ron Said:

Help finding a job tried everything possible?

We Answered:

Hi ! On this sight with a Q like that you are open to scams. Do not be fooled by these working at home jobs with their high earning promises.
Try putting some ads around to local firms that you can help with some accounting problems, or take some home work for overworked accountants. An advert in the local newspaper will help, and may catch the eye of a few private people needing some help. That will not cost a fortune and one job will pay for it. It could even land you a regular job.

Leslie Said:

what is the equivalent name of the 'advanced diploma in accounting' in french?

We Answered:

Diplôme avançé de comptabilité

Stephanie Said:

Can I get Temporary Residency of Australia After Two Year Advance Diploma Of Accounting ?

We Answered:

The only people who can give you a definitive answer are at the Australian immigration department.

I suggest you ask them at the High Commission or Embassy in your home country.

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