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Accredited Online Degrees

Gerald Said:

the best accredited online schools for associate's degrees?

We Answered:

Check the community colleges in your home state. A lot of ccs offer online classes now, even entire online degrees. CCs are reputable, they'll be your least expensive option, and because they're a cc in your home state, it'll be easier to transfer credits to another cc in your home state. They'll also be most familiar with the unis in your state, and have the best understanding of what classes transfer there.

Shane Said:

Employers, how do you feel about accredited online degrees in healthcare?

We Answered:

The "National Healthcare Association" is not a recognized accrediting agency for the education of pharm techs. Their programs are accredited by either APhA, ASHP, or ACPE.

Lester Said:

Best university for accredited online degrees?

We Answered:

Check out American Military University at They accept international students and have Psychology degrees. They are accredited regionally and have great online program.

Marsha Said:

Are there any FAA accredited online degrees for aviation maintenance?

We Answered:

Negative. You must be observed by an experienced instructor.

Besides you will have to work on an aircraft engine or airframe. Unless you own these and the tools, test equipment, and inspection hardware already you would gain no skill just reading how to perform a task.

Jennie Said:

How can we know if foreign online degrees are accredited in India?

We Answered:

The only way to find out is check out with your department of education. They will tell you if these degrees are accredited. Because they not accredited in Europe, plus some states in the USA.

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