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Accredited High School Diploma

Larry Said:

Can you become a teacher with a nationally recognized accredited high school diploma?

We Answered:

I agree with eri, one of the other responders to the Y!A question, on whether one would be permitted to teach in a public or private elementary or high school with an online high school diploma. The short answer is NO.

But, your question leads to other questions about where you may be allowed to teach outside of the public or private schools. If you submitted a nationally recognized high school diploma to a daycare center in the U.S., you probably can become a daycare teacher where you would serving a daycare center. Furthermore, you may be able to teach with a curriculum specially designed for babies and children , ages six months to 5 or 6 years old. But, teachers in daycare centers will usually not be promoted to directors" jobs. They will receive only hourly wages which may or may not meet federal or state standards. Those wages will be on a partime job. There will be no social security benefits paid. There may not have health insurance. That kind of a future would be very bleak. In the event that you understand the limitations you faced and if you want to go in that direction, that would be OK.

If however, your goals are higher, then a suggestion would be to enroll in an educational program at a community or junior college level. Such a college most likely will accept your high school credential, and you may enroll in education courses that will provide you with basic education courses. Those courses should be acceptable for transfer to a four year college. Enrollment in a four year college with a program in teacher education will then prepare you to get a BA or BS degree in teacher education. That degree should also prepare you with a teacher's certificate for that state.

And Horrah! you will be prepared to go into a teaching position in either elementary or secondary schools. You will receive a salary, social security benefits, health insurance, and professional colleagues who will help you in your teaching career.,

Jamie Said:

where can you get a accredited high school diploma?

We Answered:

The only place to get an accredited high school diploma is from an accredited high school or one on line that has been accredited by one of the regional ac-creditors.

Shirley Said:

How can I check if a (Continental Academy )high School diploma would be accredited?

We Answered:

Check with your states Department of Education It most likely has website or see if the Superintendent of School District will field that question for you. It is one of tings they are suppose to do.

Lloyd Said:

How can I get an accredited high school diploma as soon as possible?

We Answered:

Online degrees would not be accredited and likely wouldn't be accepted by many universities. Likewise, although you could get a GED (graduate equivalency diploma), again many universities (at least good ones) don't accept applicants who have GEDs. If you want to study hard and try your best:

1) See if your public school or school district has an accelerated program. Ask if it's possible to test out of certain grades. Some states or school districts allow students to 'skip' grades. You should only do this, however, if you feel that you honestly aren't learning anything new from those grades. Remember, lots of things you're learning now may not seem important right now, but could be important later.

2) If you can afford it, see if there's a private school you can go to that would allow it.

3) If it isn't possible to 'skip' grades, or if it is possible but you choose not to, ask your district if it is possible to get into an accelerated course: honors, or even a special program above honors. Ask if it's possible, for example, to be placed in a special program wherein you could take community college classes for dual high-school/university credit if the college allows it. This might only be possible, however, if your test scores show that you really don't belong in high school.

As a person who went through education very quickly, however, let me advise against rushing too fast.

From experience: Do you really always want to be the youngest person in every class? Do you really want people to dismiss you and/or your ideas because you're younger and less experienced in life than they are? Do you really want to miss out on the social education, the growing up emotionally that you will do among your peers? It can be VERY difficult to be appropriately socialized among people much older, and here, I'm not talking about your ability to party, but rather your ability to work with others as an equal member of the team. Sometimes it doesn't matter, especially if you find that, compared to your peer group, you're on a completely different planet anyway. However, it's harder than you might think to spend your formative years as Wesley Crusher (The only teen on the bridge of the Star Ship Enterprise -… It took me years to grow emotionally and socially into the position that determination and hard work accelerated me into.

Think carefully about your decision. There's more to learn in school than math and science.

Arnold Said:

is Penn foster high school accepted as an accredited high school diploma to enlist?

We Answered:

generally speaking, Online diplomas( and most home school programs) are NOT accepted as Tier ones. Only Tier 2s.. meaning a GED and thus you would not be able to enlist without 15 100 level college credits as well.

they want you IN the classroom.

Marie Said:

Is there any safe online based school that can give you an accredited high school diploma?

We Answered:

I give you credit for wanting to keep working, but earn your diploma.

I suggest you try here:

Not sure about their accreditation, so just be sure you check on that, but an old neighbor girl of mine got hers through here, and she said she checked out the accreditation thing.

Good luck!

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