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Accredited High School Diploma Online

Cassandra Said:

I need to know an accredited online high school diploma so I can go to hair school!!?

We Answered:

I have to agree with HS, You will have to take the courses for an accredited high school diploma or go through GED courses. Either way,You are looking at several months or possibly a year before you get your diploma/certificate.

There is a accredited highschool called

I talked to an admissions counselor and he said that anyone from the ages 9-99 can enroll into their school.It is regionally and nationally accredited plus they are backed by the BBB. It's pricey as you are paying for your own books and supplies but well worth it.
If you can not afford that particular school; by all means head to your local adult education center or contact a highschool about GED courses. They will prepare you for the examination.Good thing it does not cost you a cent.
My brother received his GED and mentioned it is a difficult test,but it was well worth it. He is now in a good paying job. Without his GED;I don't know what he will be doing..

Good luck to you

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