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1 Year Diploma Courses

Eleanor Said:

Any college offering 1 year diploma course(for investment banking) with regular clsses at hyderabed?

We Answered:

yes all the cource are minimum 1 year course. it is good for future,

William Said:

Which colleges provide Diploma courses in Computers?

We Answered:

YCMOU, School of Computer Science offers these approved courses in Computer Science by distance learning. You can do any of these as per your choice.

Diploma in Office Computing,
Diploma in Computerized Financial Accounting,
Diploma in Computer Operation,
Diploma in Programming Languages,
Diploma in Computing,
Advance Diploma in Computing

Please visit there web site links for more information.…

Crystal Said:

What are Benefits of Learning Yoga 1 year Diploma Course ?

We Answered:

Check this site this might help you… cheers

Sam Said:

Can i do the 6 month or 1 year diploma course in hotel management by correspondence, if possible please wr?

We Answered:

yea here…

Joyce Said:

I am doing a 1 year diploma course in australia..Do I need to do another 1 year course to attain PR?

We Answered:

If you are looking to become a permanent resident, you need a seperate visa for that. Otherwise i'm not what else besides public relations, PR is meant to stand for. It's not easy to get a visa to become a permanent resident. I've given you a link, have a look to see if you qualify.

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