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Dual Degree Programs

Tonya Said:

Dual degree programs in medical school -- which are better? which is the best?

We Answered:

Did you know that you're chances of entering medical school are roughly 10%? It's exam time thus you'd be better off studying and thinking about simply getting admitted in the first place. But Baylor is highly recognized.

Katherine Said:

How do dual-degree programs work in the graduate schools (law-journalism) of Columbia University?

We Answered:

LSAT: At Columbia, you'll want to get in the mid-to-high 170s. The median score among those admitted is 172, but to maximize your chances, try to go a little higher. If you're graduating in May 2010, you will want to take the LSAT as soon as possible. June of this year would have been ideal, but I don't know if you have signed up for the exam yet. You won't want to go into it, study, study. Take it no later than October 2009 unless you are planning to take a year off between undergrad and law school. Don't forget that you will also need letters of recommendation.

You will not have to take the GRE in order to gain admittance into the journalism program. Requirements for the journalism program that is offered with the dual law degree can be found in my 2nd source.

Here is what Columbia Law School's website says about how to apply for a joint degree:

"Applications for admission to the Law School and the other chosen school must be filed separately. At the application stage, there is no communication whatsoever between the two schools; that is, each school’s decision to admit or not to admit is based solely on that school’s selection criteria. If one school admits, it does not automatically follow that the other school will admit the applicant. Applicants may apply simultaneously to both schools; if admitted to both, a deferment must be requested at one of the two schools. Keep in mind that some of the schools listed above do not accept deferments; you should only apply to them if you are serious about attending in the semester for which you sought admission. You also may decide to apply initially only to the Law School, and then apply to the other school at a later date; this process may be reversed as well."

According to the joint degree website (source 4), it will only take you 7 semesters, or 3.5 years, to complete the program. The program will allow 10 of your journalism credits to also count toward your J.D.

Because it requires more credits to graduate, a joint degree will cost slightly more - add in an extra semester to your cost total. Considering the costs of attending Columbia, I would say that this would add up to "a lot more money," but maybe you'll get some kind of scholarship. Even though half the student body at Columbia's law school receives scholarships, students are still left with an average of $100k in debt upon graduation (see source 1).

By the way, I highly recommend's forums. They have a lot of people who are very experienced with applying to, attending, and graduating from law school.…

Bertha Said:

Is it worth my while to be an exchange student to University of Bedfordshire with Dual Degree Program?

We Answered:

While the University of Bedfordshire is solid enough it is so far down the rankings that I doubt if it is worth your while going there as an exchange student. Why do you not write to Cass Business School in London and see if they will accept you as a transfer student for a year? LSE is still terribly 'academic' and Cass would probably open more doors for you in your career. Here is the European top list below:

The Top 10 European Business Schools as voted by the Financial Times:

1. London Business School, UK

2. Insead, France/Singapore

3. IMD, Switzerland

4. Instituto de Empresa, Spain

5. Iese Business School, Spain

6. City University: Cass, UK

7. University of Oxford, UK

8. University of Cambridge: Judge, UK

9. Imperial College London: Tanaka, UK

10. Rotterdam School of Management, Netherlands

10. Warwick Business School, UK

Isaac Said:

HKUST Dual degree program or Carnegie mellon for undergrad engineering?

We Answered:

toss a coin, "heads or tails"

Jill Said:

Which colleges in Florida have a dual-degree program(Bachelor's and Masters degrees) for chemical engineering?

We Answered:

Fordham and Dallas

Linda Said:

Out of all the 6 or 7 year BA/MD programs (Dual degree) in the U.S. which ones are the easiest to get into?

We Answered:

The scuttlebutt I hear is the competition at all such accelerated programs is EXTREMELY fierce. As hard to get into, or even harder, than getting into Ivies. The guy I sat next to at work was working towards his son getting into one. What he did to try and get in was amazing (eg he looked into getting his son to try for the MCAT exam while still at HS - yes while at HS). I don't know if he was successful at that - I suspect you need a degree to even sit for it. But it shows the length people are going to to get into such programs.

Other programs, rather than accelerated ones, that guarantee you admission to medical school when you are finished your undergrad, may be a better proposition. But then again it takes more time and costs more money, which explains why the competition for the other programs is so fierce.


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