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Doctoral Degree Programs

Bradley Said:

Are they any doctoral degree programs in Technology.?

We Answered:

Well, there is the Massachusettes Institute of TECHNOLOGY, Georgia Institute of TECHNOLOGY, California Institute of TECHNOLOGY. There is even a New Jersey Institute of TECHNOLOGY, a Texas Institute of TECHNOLOGY and a Virginia Institute of TECHNOLOGY. So -- yeah, you can find schools that offer PhDs in various fields of technology.

Actually, any good engineering school would be good a well. This includes some of the Ivy League schools and most of the better large state universities and a few great private universities (UC Berkeley, all of the Big Ten schools, Duke, Stanford, Chicago, etc).

MIT, Cal Tech, Stanford and Berkeley are the best.

Todd Said:

Where can I find a masters degree program that's not tied into a doctoral program?

We Answered:

You could always just enter the doctorate program and leave after completing the masters. Many students do this, either having planned it ahead of time or deciding to stop after the masters. Don't go to a second-rate program if you could do this instead.

Kim Said:

Do you need to get a masters degree before you can get a doctoral degree?

We Answered:

The way that works is you'll spend the first two years taking graduate classes and writing a thesis regardless of which program you go for. After you finish, you would graduate (masters program) or in the case of the doctoral program the masters is just given to you as an intermediary degree (this allows you to be a full lecturer instead of just a teaching assistant) The doctoral program student would then continue the next 2-3 years concentrating on their dissertation and comprehensive exams.

Julia Said:

How long is a typical doctoral degree program in psychology?

We Answered:

Doctoral coursework takes about 4 years. You'll also need additional time to complete your dissertation. If you want to then become licensed as a psychologist, you'll also need to pass the EPPP and log 1-3 years (requirement varies by state) POST DOCTORAL supervised experience.

On the other hand, you CAN practice independently at the master's level. As with the psychologist license, however, you will need to log 1-3 years (requirement varies by state) post-master's supervised experience prior to licensure and to pass the NCE.

Good luck with your decision,
~Dr. B.~

Mark Said:

what is the difference between the following undergraduate fees, Master's Degree Programs ?

We Answered:

Since you do not know the difference between those degree programs then I am going to assume that you do not hold a degree yet and thus you would be applying as an international student onto their undergraduate media/fashion degree program.

However, had you done a little more research you would have seen that USLA does not offer a degree program in either media or fashion. In fact this school only offers four programs: Business, Economics, International Relations and Marketing at undergraduate level.

It is back to looking at schools for you.

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