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Distance Learning Phd

Cory Said:

Has anyone completed a uk PhD using distance learning in Management, was it worth it?

We Answered:

I wouldn't recommend a PhD by distance learning - it's difficult enough part-time. Part of the benefit of a PhD is the process: discussion with professors and other postgraduate students. This develops your thinking and analysis skills. You can't do this as well by email.

If you can't go full-time, then part-time would be next best. Ask at the relevant department/faculty/business school of your nearest university if they take part-time students, if so what their fees are. As a part-time student you would probably take about 7 years to complete (based on own experience and that of others I know), maybe less.

If you need to complete more quickly then you may have to go the OU route. You may be able to benefit from charitable support (depending on the area of study and your background, e.g. ex-services and others). researching potential sources of support may help you to discover if you really do want to be a researcher.

Jimmy Said:

i want to do Phd by distance learning system give me information about this type of university?

We Answered:

u phoenix...they offer u any rubbish u want

Marcia Said:

Where can I pursue Phd in computer in West Bengal through distance mode?

We Answered:

Slow down a minute. You want to do a phd via distance learning? A phd is a serious research intensive course, and takes a minimum of 3 years full time. In some countries, such as USA it takes 5 years or more full time. Could you really work from home for 5 years straight? Most of the phd isn't actually course work, its doing research with your thesis adviser. Most universities and academics would recommend that you need to be on campus regularly, although it may be possible to learn undergraduate material via distance learning, its a bad idea for a phd because alot of a phd is about research training.

Also you say you want a phd in computing, can you be any more specific? If you are serious about devoting the next 3-5 (or more) years of your life to this you probably have a bit more of an idea of what you want to do research on, since the various fields that could make up "computing" are extremely broad and different from each other. Even if you just meant computer science, there is still heaps of very different diciplines of computer science, from theory of computation (complexity theory and computibility theory), artificial intelligence, algorithms, information theory, programming language theory, Systems, Graphics, Data mining... the list goes on and on... and prospective graduate students would probably have at least some idea of what areas they are interested in going into.

Paul Said:

Please tell me the list of institutes offering PHD thru distance learning ? Also abt the admission month?

We Answered:

Schools do that? You have to research to get a PhD ...

Kenneth Said:

Can I earn a PhD in English Literature online or thru distance learning?

We Answered:

the problem with a Ph.D via distance learning is that it may not be seen as respectable for a university to high you.
Ph.D's typically require first hand research and require that you interact with an advisor, peers, etc.

my best bet would be on night classes. if you are willing to teach at a Junior College, you only need a Master's.

Hazel Said:

Which is a good distance learning programme for a Phd in management?

We Answered:

The only one I can find at a recognized school, and it is a DBA, not a Ph.D., is at Aston University. One website I looked at mentioned Open University, but their own website describes their program as a full-time onsite program. This is something I've been looking at too, since I am Dean at a business school at which several of my full-time faculty are interested in pursuing a Ph.D. and, if they do one, want a quality program, but cannot take the time away from work to do a traditional program.

I should warn you that the distance programs will only benefit you if you are already employed and want to remain with your current employer. Other than in accounting, for which there is such a shortage that schools are desperate and would be willing to hire almost anyone with any sort of doctorate, most schools just don't hire faculty from the current distance learning programs, because they just aren't of equivalent quality to most of the traditional programs. The mentorship required for a research degree just doesn't translate well to that format.

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