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Distance Learning Degrees

Vera Said:

Are distance learning degrees valued by employers?

We Answered:

It depends upon whether or not you get your degree from an accredited school. Also, are you a United States citizen considering this distance learning program in Dubai. If so, why? Did you have to take the graduate school admissions test to enter this program? I believe these are the kinds of questions employers would ask you.

If the program is accredited via a U.S. national accrediting body and the school is not a "diploma mill," I believe employers will look upon your degree favorably.

Marilyn Said:

Any good Universities in North Carolina with distance learning degrees in Education?

We Answered:

Most universities in NC have great Education degrees, but only a few of them are offered through distance learning. It probably depends on whether you want to get your degree in Elementary education, Middle school education or High School education (and which subject).
Here's a link a to all the online degrees in Education-related fields in the University of North Carolina System:…
good luck

Ken Said:

Are there any other distance learning degrees other than the OU?

We Answered:

St. Joseph's University in Standish, Maine has a great distance learning program in many areas. They used to have some 2 week residency requirement during one of the summers. They are a Catholic University but accept all faiths and don't try to convert. Check it out. Good luck.

Russell Said:

Are there any major universities that offer distance learning degrees?

We Answered:

The previous posts offer great information, and as one of the posters mentioned, you really need to do some research to find reputable programs. If you are interested in an MBA, then take a look at this article listing the top 10 online MBA programs around the world:…

Good luck!

Connie Said:

US distance learning Master's degrees?

We Answered:

There are some colleges in my knowledge that offer all types of education that is online, distance education and traditional one there names are :-
1) Walden University
2) Capella University
3) Liberty University Online
4) University of Maryland University College

You can find all the required information about them at… .

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