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Distance Learning Degree

Bernice Said:

I am trying to decide on the final optional subject for my distance learning degree,and I cant make up my mind?

We Answered:

IP is good career wise, but fairly difficult, often dull and not a good choice unless you're particularly interested in it. I presume you've already taken your seven 'foundation subjects': tort, criminal, constitutional, equity, EU, land, contract (family law is not a foundation subject, despite what's written above).

If you have, and you're thinking of the LPC next year, then do something you're interested in, rather than something you think will enhance career prospects. One module in it doesn't make much difference either way to your employability: getting a good overall grade does

Andrea Said:

can anything be done about the amount to pay for a distance learning degree?

We Answered:

Other than seeing if they have some sort of financial aid, I think they get to call the shots and you can take it or leave it. Not fair, but when you own the ballfield, you get to say how the game is played. I think it's pretty nervy to charge this much for distance learning, where they don't have to provide classroom space or other facilities.

Pamela Said:

I was wondering what kind of business degree I should focus on. I want to also do distance learning- Which one

We Answered:

If you want to go to school in an online program, I don't really see any issue with that. However, you want to make sure that the program you're in is an extension of a brick and mortar campus. When I say campus, I don't mean a few strip mall store spaces. I mean an actual campus with dorms, athletic teams, etc. That's pretty important. There are plenty of distance programs that are legit. Just make sure that whatever program you're studying is at least regionally accredited. You should be fine.

Rosa Said:

Is a MBA degree (distance learning) from Madhurai Kamaraj University, a recognized degree?

We Answered:

Yes, it is UGC recognized degree and you can pursue a Ph.D or apply for any Govt. job that requires an MBA.

It is as much recognized as any other MBA degree from any other UGC recognized university.

Ashley Said:

Need Help!! whether distance learning degree is valid for further academic purpose?

We Answered:

It depends upon from which university, you are pursuing for your degree through distance learning. If you are doing it from "ignou", it's courses are well recognised by all other universities for higher studies & for all recruitment's by central as well as state governments / private sectors

It would be easy to someone to answer your question if you could mention here that from which distance university, you are going to pursuing your course and which one ?

All the courses offered by university of mumbai by distance mode are recognised by distance education counsil, so, you can go ahead with university of mumbai

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Erin Said:

How does a distance learning degree relates to goals ?

We Answered:

You need to figure out what you want to do and pick the best program for yourself. However there is a lot of self study involved so if it you don't have the discipline to focus on the assignments I'd pass on this type of education.

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