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Distance Learning Bachelor Degree

Caroline Said:

Any university can provide the Bachelor degree of interior design Thur distance learning?

We Answered:

Westwood College Online…

The Art Institute Online…

There's a bunch on my source site, those are just the first two.

Chris Said:

Distance Learning French Degree?

We Answered:

Distance learning is great for some things but languages are not one of them. Even if you read French at a conventional uni, they would send you to France for a sandwich year. I understand that you are already in France but, as I am sure you can appreciate, your situation is unusual.

I agree with the other poster who suggested the Open University but this will only take you to intermediate (A'level) standard as there are no French literature courses offered. Not a bad start though, I did German with them and the study material was excellent.

You can complete your degree in other areas that have some French aspect to them but if language proficiency is your goal, just be patient as you will get there!

Guy Said:

Any university can provide the Bachelor degree of interior design thur distance learning?

We Answered:

The Art Institute Online offers a bachelors of science in interior design completely online. The program is good, but hard work, and takes a serious time commitment. At least none of it is real time so you can do it when it works for you as long as you meet the deadlines. I will graduate with that degree from this school at the end of the year. One nice thing is that since AiO is a division of the Art Institute of Pittsburg, your degree doesn't say anything about online or distance learning. Don't be fooled though, the program is no walk in the park and its not cheap either.

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