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Distance Education Degrees

Leah Said:

Can we do 2 degrees under Distance Education at the same time?

We Answered:

Yes you can, but make sure that their exams should not clash. I think its illegal to apply for 2 degrees in same year.

Dawn Said:

help about distance education degree?

We Answered:

I personally believe that all of what you say is true. I myself have a MS Project Management from an on-line institution. I personally don't bill my degree as "on-line" on my resume, since it is not billed that way on my diploma, plus my institution does indeed have an on-ground campus.

But lets think about this critically. Even though I have an on-line degree and am an advocate, your first choice should be an on-ground program. When this is not an option, for any number of reasons (availability of desired programs, scheduling of classes, etc.) an on-line program is a good choice. I don't think that anyone is kidding themselves that an on-line program is equivalent to that of say an Ivy League or top tier education. But are on-line programs the approximate equivalent to say your local public state school or private school, I think so. This being said, your desired AAS degree from an on-line program would be the approximate equivalent to a degree from your local community college. You are not "buying" a degree. You will definitely have to do a lot of work to earn your degree.

Just make sure that your on-line institution is properly accredited and you'll be golden.

Clyde Said:

What is a credible, non-franchise college that provides distance education?

We Answered:

all of these are accredited schools with physical campuses that offer online degree programs, both grad and undergrad...hope this helps!

east carolina university -

university of north carolina at greensboro -

a new site was just started for online degrees from a variety of north carolina universities:…

Kevin Said:

Is distance education degree eligible for doing CAT and IIM MBA?

We Answered:


Shawn Said:

Is there a website that lists all the classes and degrees available through distance education?

We Answered:

I would check your state's Department of Education website, find the listing of accredited schools, and see which ones are approved for distance education. The most important thing in finding a distance education is making sure it is accredited.

If there is a particular college or university you are interested in, go to their website and see what they offer online.

The other thing you can do is go to the Princeton Review website (not the school, the student info site) and look for distance schools.

I graduated from Excelsior College here in NY, which is a fully accredited school which used to be the distance division of the State University of NY, and went private about 8 years ago. It is fully accredited, and offers two year, four year, and masters degrees.

Good luck!

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