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Distance Education Degree

Rose Said:

Is a Bachelor's degree through distance education valid to do an MBA in Hospital management?

We Answered:

It depends on the school from which you get your degree, your grades, your work experience, GMAT score, etc. You should be able to find a suitable MBA programs in the Official MBA Guide, a free service.

Gerald Said:

What do you think about the bachelor degree in distance education?

We Answered:

no they are different

Darryl Said:

How can I do law degree course in distance education or evening college to become a lawyer?

We Answered:

The dude's talking about India. Chennai is a city in India.

In America, you don't want to do online law schools if you can help it. They're not ABA accredited and have a deservedly low reputation. If you need to work, then you do the night school programs. Many good, legit, and ABA accredited schools offer night programs.

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