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Degree From Phoenix

Herman Said:

University of Phoenix warning. Is a degree from Phoenix worth it?

We Answered:

I know a business owner that throws out any resume that isn't from Stanford U. He makes well over six-figures too. He only wants the very best engineers and believes that all come from Stanford.

I know a bunch of others that don't care in the slightest where you got your degree as long as you can check the box "has a degree". In fact, a lot of school teachers get a significant pay raise based on a UoP degree.

The real deal is that for some jobs, where you went to college matters a lot. For many of those they want to see Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Stanford, Berkeley, etc... and any of the other 3,950 colleges in the USA aren't going to cut it. They'll not only trash a UoP they'll trash most University of YourState and Eastern YourState State College too.

Then some others really don't care at all. Not even a little. As long as the school is on one of the lists of "accredited" it's good to go. Public schools and the US Gov't/Military are in this group.

Everyone else is in the middle. They don't expect you to be a 4.0 from Harvard but they'd rather you didn't go to a bottom school either. They'd like you to have a degree from somewhere with a decent reputation. This is the whole reason that there's such a thing as rankings of colleges.

Online vs classroom isn't the issue at all. People rank UoP near the bottom whether the degree was online or classroom (UoP has classrooms too). The reputation of the college awarding the degree is the issue.

But, all people can't get into Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Duke, etc... some can't even get into your local state college and some others can't do the community college thing.

That's where these for-profits with open admission come in. Everyone can get into an open admission college as long as you've got a credit card. And for some people, these are a good place to go. It's better than no degree at all. For most of us, not so much.

For most of us - there are better choices to pick from. So, "is UoP worth it"? Probably not if you have other options. And, you probably do have other (better) options.

If you don't consider it a good school, don't go there and don't hire any of your employees from there. Doesn't matter though - they're there whether you and I like them or not.

Sean Said:

Would you hire an employee with a degree from University of Phoenix, or from American Military University?

We Answered:

Someone with a degree from Phoenix would want to pay 12 times more than anyone else pays for items like computers, hardware, software, etc. because of shiny brochures, attractive recruiters, fancy websites....
Phoenix grads are proven people who are bad at math and comparative shopping.

Wayne Said:

Can I use my MBA degree from university of phoenix to apply for a Phd in a traditional university?

We Answered:

As other posters said, a U of P MBA is valid. It's just not AACSB accredited - which may be an issue - and it's not considered particularly strong - which will be an issue. But it really depends on the PhD program. You'll need to talk this over with the PhD program.

I would believe that most really strong PhD programs won't accept your U of P MBA. But there may be some less-competitive PhD programs out there that would be just fine with it. Again, you'll need to speak to each individual program.

Arnold Said:

Will my Associate's Degree from University of Phoenix do more harm than good?

We Answered:

You may be admitted to UT, but you'll find you are seriously behind all other transfer students who attended real schools.

Attendance at U of Phoenix atrophies the brain. UoP's courses are seriously watered down so that dummies can pass."Graduates" of UoP rarely do well in standardized tests such as the GRE or GMAT. You have wasted at least two years of your life.

Kelly Said:

Does anyone here have a degree from phoenix university?

We Answered:

U of P is a genuine university. It's regionally accredited, which is the minimum standard you want any uni to have. However, they are very easy to get into, and that, and plus the fact that they are a for-profit university - some employers will not hire their graduates. But others don't care, so long as you have a real uni degree - and U of P is a real degree.

So although it's a genuine uni, it's not very well respected by employers, no. It's not "noteworthy", but it is genuine.

Bernice Said:

Have you benefitted from a University of Phoenix degree? Would you recommend the university to others? ?

We Answered:

I earned my bachelor degree in business from UOP and am currently enrolled in their MBA program. Earning my degree from UOP was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I have been promoted as a result of having a bachelors degree and have almost doubled my salary. I picked UOP because my work schedule made going to a traditional university impossible.

UOP is accredited by the north central association of schools and colleges of the higher learning commission. This is the same accreditation as Notre Dame, Northwestern, and Purdue (to name a few). Many companies encourage, and pay for, their employees to attend UOP. Boeing has a partnership with UOP and a large number of their employees are students and graduates of UOP. Anyone that tells you UOP is a poor choice is simply misinformed.

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