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Counter Terrorism Degree

Gerald Said:

Where can i get a degree in Counter-Terrorism/Intel?

We Answered:

Most students who go on to work at institutions like those have traditional educational backgrounds, especially with coursework in foreign language, history, political science, mathematics, religion, and communications, depending on their intended specialty. The CIA, for example, regularly recruits at liberal arts colleges that don't offer any sorts of career-based degree programs, but which do have strong traditions in putting out good analysts and researchers. Writing, critical thinking, and communication skills will be extremely important for work in those fields. You can also often do a criminal justice program with a special focus that gears you towards FBI employment.

However, there are several institutions that now offer degrees in Homeland Security, which may be of interest to you. The above method is still the most common method for getting into the fields of interest to you, but this is still another option. Most Homeland Security programs are for graduate-level study, but some are available to undergraduates. I suggest searching by major (look for "Emergency Management/Homeland Security") at

Some of the results they suggest:

- Central Pennsylvania College (Bachelor's; says internships available with FBI and NSA)
- Central Wyoming College (Associate's)
- Daniel Webster College (Bachelor's)
- Goodwin College (Associate's)
- Harper College (Associate's)
- Herzing University (Associate's)
- La Roche College (Bachelor's)
- Lynn University (Certificate)
- Methodist University (Bachelor's)
- Midway College (Bachelor's)
- Mitchell College (Bachelor's)
- Mountain State University (Bachelor's)
- National Polytechnic College (Associate's)
- North Dakota State University (Bachelor's)
- SUNY-Canton (Bachelor's)
- Tiffin University (Bachelor's)
- University of Hawai'i - West Oahu (Bachelor's)
- Vincennes University (Bachelor's)

And here's a sample program, to get an idea of what you'd study:…

Lester Said:

are there masters degree programs for counter intelligence and/or counter terrorism?

We Answered:

Information is below.

Tyrone Said:

Counter Terrorism or Counter Intelligence Degrees in the UK?

We Answered:

try a course search on UCAS…

Eleanor Said:

Where can I get a degree in counter-terrorism in Canada. If i can get one at all.?

We Answered:

I'm living just outside of Seattle, so it's not too odd to find a Canadian question here.

It's odd, though, that you would ask here, but seemingly not ask at the Universities in Canada.

Canada has an Army, I've trained with them, and it would look good as the first step toward a career in your chosen field. The experience and training would be beyond what any University could offer, and paint you as a Canadian Loyalist-a nice feature in someone trying to become entrusted with national security.

Cynthia Said:

Where in UK is the best place to study for a degree related to counter terrorism or criminology?

We Answered:

I studied Criminology at the University of Southampton, which as well as being a Russell Group University is also a friendly student city where you will have lots of fun. The course explores crime from anthropological, sociological, psychological as well as bio-medical and statistical perspectives.

If you are leaning more to forensic science I believe the University of Kent does a very strong course - probably more relevant to your interest in counter-terrorism as well. Hope this helps.

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