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Civil Engineering Degree

Jeremy Said:

If i take a Civil Engineering degree can i get any Engineering job?

We Answered:

Engineering is VERY specific. As a civil engineer you would be trained on large-scale structural engineering - roads, bridges, and the like. This would not at all qualify you to work on engines, circuits, or the operating guts of nuclear power plants - all different fields of engineering. Even construction work (buildings, homes) usually goes to different fields: Architectural or Structural engineers.

There is a little bit of crossover, and you might be able to work in closely related fields (for civil that would be structural), but it is not guaranteed.

So decide what you want to work on, figure out the correct degree, and go after that. Once you pick, you're stuck for a while.

Christopher Said:

Can i become a Structural Engineer with a Civil Engineering Degree?

We Answered:

Structural Engineering is a subset of Civil Engineering.

Your major would be Civil Engineering but your specialty or focus would be Structural Engineering. Just like Transportation Engineer, Geotechnical Engineer, Stormwater Engineer, Construction Engineer are all subsets of Civil Engineering.

Ricardo Said:

Wat job can i get in military with a civil engineering degree?

We Answered:

You should look into ROTC, as professional engineering is done by the officer corps, not privates. If your college has ROTC, talk to the Professor of Military Science on how best to launch a military career. There are nice scholarships available too. Most openings are in the US Army Corps of Engineers, but the Topographic Corps is available if you are more interested in surveying. Military Engineering is project management oriented, with most technical work delegated to civilian contractors

Eddie Said:

What to do with my Civil Engineering Degree?

We Answered:

The most money in civil engineering is from consulting, after you have gained enough experience in your field of choice. Outdoor work is fulfilling, but the sun is a serious threat to health now, so do some while you are young, then move indoors.

Bridge design is going to be very active in the future, especially now that the public is aware of the terrible condition of the bridges in the country now.

Also, consider getting a master's degree to further your abilities and knowledge base. It's also likely to assure you of even higher income and command of your career.

Clarence Said:

Can one become an accountant after obtaining civil engineering degree.?

We Answered:

Having a degree from a business related field would help. You may be able to do that. You would need to pass the CPA exam in order to do it though. I know a few people that studied Economics and Finance that did this, so it is possible. It certainly will be difficult to do though.

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