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Child Psychology Degree

Bobbie Said:

What can I do with a child psychology bachelors degree?

We Answered:

None, psychology degrees are primary meant to prepare you for graduate work. Since it is not a social work degree you cannot work as a social worker and a psychology degree is not a certifiable degree which means you cannot teach. The best that it can do for you is to get you a job in a day care, a support worker in a child care home, working for an agency, working for a government agency, or possibly you might be able to work as a substitute teacher with limits on the length of assignments. The University of Minnesota has an excellent law school and psychology department have you considered going onto to graduate school?

Zachary Said:

Where can an associate's degree in child psychology get you?

We Answered:

It won't get you much. Any jobs you get with it will not pay well. If you really want to be a psychologist, resign yourself to getting at the bare minimum a masters degree. Much better a doctorate. Businesses and organizations pay doctors of psychology pretty well.

Brenda Said:

can you get a degree in child psychology from a csu campus?

We Answered:

go to and there should be a link that says list of majors and you click CSU and there is a list of every major offered and which campuses offer them

Pamela Said:

i want to get a degree in child psychology, but what steps do i take?

We Answered:

It depends on what part you want to be involved in. There is a degree you can get called Human Services that qualifies you for the same type of things. Do you specifically want to be a child psychologist or one that just talks to kids who have been in abusive situations?
If you decide to go for the human services degree, i believe you have to have at the very least a bachelors degree to even be considered for a job with the state. I have other job experience and life experiences that helped me with this. I have completed my first semester of my human services degree and am already certified in my state to work for health and human services. Of course i am only certified for entry level stuff, but once you get your foot in the door some place will even pay for all of or at least part of your schooling if you want to go for a higher degree.
You learn how children grow from conception on, the developmental processes. You learn about the different "famous" psychologist through out history and what they said to be true etc. You learn about mental illness, physical handicaps, etc.
Most every Technical college has a human services degree. There are some psychology courses involved with this degree as well.
If you are just looking for Child Psychology in general check out the schools you have in your area or that you want to go to, including technical schools, for child psychology. It's a fairly common degree so you should be able to find something.
Technical schools are good if you have been out of school for a long time and if your grades were not the greatest in highschool. This way you get your first year or maybe less with good grades then you can apply and transfer credits to a university or bigger school.
Good luck! You have picked an exciting field, i love psychology!

Keith Said:

What kinds of jobs could I get with a degree in child psychology?

We Answered:

The fact is that there is very little you are qualified to do with a BS/BA in psychology. Even with an MA there is relatively little you can do outside of teaching and counseling (which require their own certificate on top of the degree). If you're going to go anywhere with Psychology you almost have to get a Ph.D. now.

Of course you're better off talking to someone at your university as different states have different regs.

Good luck!

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