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Canadian Online Degrees

William Said:

what is the best online MPA program?

We Answered:

Dear ,

May be this site can help you

Best of luck.

Josephine Said:

Which is the best Canadian online degree course?

We Answered:……

Monica Said:

Are there online courses available in Canadian Universities?

We Answered:

my school, Ryerson University, has online classes through the Chang School. (
Ryerson is downtown Toronto

Byron Said:

Canadian university degree online?

We Answered:

May be this site can help you

Mathew Said:

Canadian Online Supply Chain/ Logistics Degrees?

We Answered:

Not sure about Canadian online schools but the ones in the US, online, for-profit schools such as university of phoenix and strayer, one should be cautious about. That may spill over the canada though. Former students of university of phoenix started this site: Sorry that I couldn't be of more help.

Joshua Said:

Would it matter if I got a Canadian degree and tried to work in America?

We Answered:

In general Canadian and American universities are basically identical in terms of their degrees.

I went to Canada for my Master's degree, and in general my US B.Sci. degree was not as good as a Canadian one because they tend to be better, honestly (although that could be bias from the Canadian perspective, personally I think it's true from my experience).

I think an employer who had an American with an entirely American education and an American who studied abroad would choose the person with more experience, ie: studying abroad, all other things being equal. While the US and Canada are not terribly different in general (if one were to compare other countries, for example), I think this still demonstrates you can work and succeed in somewhere you are less familiar with, and employers tend to look fondly upon that.

Personally comparing countries is less useful than comparing specific educational institutions, so I think the question is a bit misguided in that respect. I think overall the country is mostly irrelevant, except that study abroad is basically globally considered to be a good idea.

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