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Buy A Degree

Kathryn Said:

I want to buy a degree so I can have letters after my name - Where in the UK can I get one - how much are they

We Answered:

its people like you, with this sort of attitude that is making the degree obsolite.
i worked f**king hard to get my degree, and had to sacrifice a lot, including the fact that if i had left school and gone straight to work i'd probably own my own home now, instead of paying £700 a month to someone else!!, and that i owe the student loans comp. 13 grand!!, being a student isnt all drinking and clubbing, its hard graft.
Don't insult hard working people by 'buying ' a title- its not fair, and theres a real sense of achievement to earn a degree.
lords- thats a different story- if you can buy one then go for it, they havent done anything to earn it anyway!!!
try ebay- seriously im sure ive seen them on there.

Jesus Said:

Pls can some one tell me where to buy "Degree Deodorant' in Hong Kong. (Its by Unilever Co)?

We Answered:

Degree in HK goes by the name of Rexona. It's by the same maker which is Unilever but it goes by the name Rexona in Asia. I am sure you will find Degree in some store which carries imported products but in case you don't, you can try Rexona. You can buy it at any Watson's or 711. Good Luck!

Nathaniel Said:

Has anyone ever bought a degree? I am thinking of buying one?

We Answered:

Why waste your money buying a fake degree when you can make a much nicer one yourself on your computer and laser printer that will be worth just as much - nothing. They'd both be frauds that can land you in jail in many states but the latter wouldn't cost you up front.

If you really think that a 4-year degree is a waste for you, why get one? Everyone doesn't have one - less than 30% of the US population has a college degree. You don't have to get one if you don't want to. There's no reason to lie and cheat about something you don't have to have.

Now, if you really honestly think that you have the equivalent knowledge of a 4-year degree (many people do) then prove it and get the degree. You don't have to go to class for 4-years if you already have the skills and knowledge - you just have to prove that you have that knowledge (and you have to actually have it and not just think you have it). See the Dunning-Kruger Effect for a little on that idea.…

If you're sure you already have the knowledge then colleges have this really cool option for you. It's called equivalence examination. If you pass the final exam (or the standardized test), you get credit. If you fail the exam - you don't know the material. Easy enough.

Start with the five CLEP General Exams and see how you do. That's the freshman year of a 4-year degree. If you pass them all then you skip the whole year. If you fail them then you don't know as much as a college freshman.… If you pass those then start taking some of the others until you prove the equivalence of 40 or so courses. You'll have to take some at your college of choice as end-of-course exams though.

As for using a fake degree to get a job - my company is pretty good at detecting those frauds when they apply. If one was to slip by then we'd immediately fire you and then sue you for defrauding us. In several states you'd also be arrested for committing a fraud. The final result would probably be an end to any hopes for a career in the industry and incredibly expensive.

Brett Said:

I AM I'm interested in purchasing a majestic palm. I'm concerned, summer temp can reach 120 degree, buy or not

We Answered:

BUY! Sell later for a profit.

Denise Said:

Is this a good jacket to buy for 35 degree cold weather?

We Answered:

its a good coat for zero degree weather also

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