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Business Administration Degree

Fernando Said:

What type of job can you get with a business administration degree and a minor in management?

We Answered:

business administration can be done anywhere.

STAY OUT OF RETAIL - with the economy going downhill fast the way it is - people will not be able to buy anything soon. I suggest you aim for the service sector where services are provided.

salaries are also going down as well - courtesy of Bush, Mccain and wall street. Just be thankful if you are lucky enough to get a job.

Jordan Said:

Is a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration degree any good?

We Answered:

A Bachelor of Arts in business is not as good as the Bachelor of Science in business. You did not mention the school but the community colleges in the Orlando area can give you a good start at a good business degree. However, I would advise you to complete your degree at an accredited university. In Orlando that would be University of Central Florida. They have a good business school and the degree you get there is highly respected.

Another alternative is the degree in International Business at Rollins College in Winter Park. Rollins is an excellent private college, one of the best in Florida. They also offer the most respected MBA degree in Florida. However, you first need to get the Bachelors degree before you consider the MBA.

Jorge Said:

What job can I get within a sports organization with a business administration degree?

We Answered:

I have worked in sports ( and I graduated with a BBA- Marketing) and I will say you can obtain any front office job with the BBA degree. However, to work in the NFL you will need to work your way up, and it is a TOUGH TOUGH TOUGH job to work in.

You need to intern with a lower level sports team first and keep on getting experience and networking.
There are lots of competition for jobs and because everyone want to do it your salary will be quite low. Like in the range of $20,000 and you make end meet by selling tickets to events and sponsorship ( even though your job might not be sales)

I am not trying to scare you (because this is a very fun job to have) but please do understand you will have a tough life. Also, you might have to move a lot from one team to the other. So if you can't do that don't go into this industry.

Grace Said:

What kind of good job can I get with a Business Administration degree?

We Answered:

Here are some thoughts.

Did you take Accounting? - Accounting Clerk
Marketing? - Marketing Assistant
Finance? - Finance Department Assistant
Or Sales, anything above entry level with a good solid growth track.

Find a topic/industry/job that you are interested in and target it.

Find a HUGE company and apply there. They usually have a few good entry level jobs you can get with just a degree.

Make sure to customize your resume for each job highlighting why you are a fit.
Get to the book store and start reading then get out there and meet lots of people who already have jobs. Network with them!

Good luck!

Vernon Said:

Can i use my 4 year business administration degree in the united states?

We Answered:

You will need to investigate the school’s accreditation. Many countries have multiple accrediting levels. In most cases the highest foreign level will be recognized by North American companies. In Europe, the common accreditation bodies include EQUIS and AACSB. Review the international rankings as published by the Financial Times newspaper for more information about global accreditations.

Alvin Said:

What to do with a business administration degree?

We Answered:

Human Resource Manager
Public Relations Specialist
Administrative Executive

Amanda Said:

What type of jobs would one get with a business administration degree?

We Answered:

You didn't mention your area of concentration, but a business degree is probably one of the most versatile degrees you can earn. Find something you are interested in and start applying. Most colleges and universities have tests which might help you to decide on a career path. These tests are usually available at no charge to students. One is called the strong test. It is basically a preferences test. Since you recently graduated, they may be able to give you one of them and provide some guidance. With your degree, you could get into a management or leadership track with any number of retailers or fast food restaurants. Pay with many of these programs is pretty good. Depending on your area of interest you may consider Home Depot, Lowes, McDonalds, Wendy's, Walmart, Kmart or Sears. This is only a short list of those companies who are most likely to have management track programs for those with a college degree. Most of these companies have a website which should provide information on career opportunities. Some other areas you may consider are transportation and logistics. Trucking companies are always in need of dispatchers and operations people. Warehousing is a growing area and there are a lot of opportunities available. Advertising agencies and public relations agencies are another area where you could utilize your degree. Ad agencies have opportunities for media buyers, research, billing and accounting and other operations functions. PR agencies will use people in dealing with media, newsletters, etc.,

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