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Best Online Degree Programs

Sylvia Said:

Which university offers the best online degree program?

We Answered:

Since you are out of the country, this may be difficult to do. The state universities and community colleges will be the best and least expensive way to further your education online. Usually degrees obtained online from state universities and colleges will be no different than a degree granted to a student sitting in class. You probably won't get a scholarship, but financial aid is possible.

Stay away from the for-profits because of high cost. Some will be reasonable, but most, like University of Phoenix, overcharge.

Many state universities now have online degrees. The following are some websites to get you started.………

You can go to…
to get a list of degree granting institutions that cater to military and their families. Even if you are not military, check out the institutions anyway to see if they will work with you. Don't worry about the statement about the education office, just click the button "I understand" to be able to view the list.

If you are just starting your education, check to see if the program you choose accepts CLEP and DSST tests. You may be able to find a testing center overseas where you can take these tests for college credit. For information on CLEP tests,…
For information about DSST tests,

When you choose a school, make sure it is at least regionally accredited. You can check accreditation at… You can learn more about accreditation at…

There are a couple of forums online with members who have obtained their degrees online. Some have gone pretty far with their online degrees. The forums are free to join but you can read the forum without joining. You just won't be able to post. and

Good luck

Leonard Said:

What is the best online degree program?

We Answered:

Dear ,

May be this site can help you

Best Of Luck,

Jon Said:

Which brick and mortar school has the best online degree?

We Answered:

Hey! That's my list! :LOL: (ETA: I'm glad I could help. Take the list and share it with friends!)

It depends on what you want to major in. If you want to major in computer science or any sort of IT/computer engineering type of field, then I'd have you look at Carnegie Mellon and RPI as the best. MIT might also be good, but the CM and RPI distance learning programs are far more established. If you wanted business, I'd recommend Babson or Duke or Thunderbird. Art, I'd recommend SCAD.

So what are your interests?

And I actually have mixed feelings about Harvard Extension. It's rep in the past was *not* a good one, at least in New England. I've heard that it has made vast improvements since, but I don't yet have enough proof of that to be able to say that yes, I recommend it. ETA: I think their rep is because, employers viewed their classes to not be at the same academic level as the rest of Harvard. In addition, you get a bachelor in liberal arts, rather than having a focus in a subject area, and some employers frown on that. They consider that sort of degree - rightly or wrongly - to be an easy way for adults to get a degree.

ETA: Business, then, at the undergraduate level (Thunderbird is only MBA.) I'd have you look at the following good schools with good business programs, and good reps for their online programs:

- Babson
- Penn State
- Kent State, if you're in the midwest
- U Delaware
- U Florida
- U Maryland
- UMass Amherst
- Rochester Institute of Tech
- Rensselaer Polytechnic

Interestingly, although I might not normally recc RIT and RPI to a business major, I do for their online programs. These are solid schools, respected business programs, and because for these schools their emphasis is on tech, their online programs tend to be quite strong and well supported.

I've also heard that Rutgers recently started an online degree program, and it does offer business. I'd have you check their website.

Everett Said:

What's the best Online Degree Program?

We Answered:

There are literally hundreds of programs available. Of course, some fields have limited options for online programs. Check accreditation of any school you find by going to the CHEA (Council of Higher Education Accreditation) website at If a school is accredited by an agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education, it will be listed in their database. Try to stick with schools that are regionally accredited by one of the six regional accreditation agencies. FMU and ITT Tech are both accredited by the ACICS. If you notice on ITT Tech commercials, it has a statement, "Credits are unlikely to transfer". If you want to change schools or get a higher degree later on, you may have problems. All of that can be avoided by attending a regionally accredited school.

Please stay away from UoP. I don't have anything bad to say about their academics because I don't have any experience with them. I do know some people who have attended UoP, but I didn't ask them specifics. The problem I have with UoP is cost. More than $400 per credit hour is entirely too much to pay any school for undergraduate courses.

AIU is currently on probation with their accreditor. This is worst punishment an accreditor can impose before removing accreditation from an institution. AIU has until Dec. 2007 to get their act together. If they don't, they will be unaccredited and their degrees granted from that point onward will be useless.

My recommendation is to look into your state schools. Many will have online programs and will be recognizeable to your current and future employers. Also, in many instances, a degree granted by the online section of a state university will be no different than a degree granted to an in-a-seat student.

Here are some examples to get you started...

Fort Hays State University –
Peru State University -…
University of Wyoming –
American Public University –
University of Illinois -

All of the above are $250 per semester credit hour or less.

Good luck

Tracy Said:

Best online degree programs?

We Answered:

You can easily compare info about these schools in this site -

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